My first cycle, HDROL log

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  1. I dosed two pills at once twice a day.

    Right now I'm at 170 (as of last night when I weighed myself). My weight has been fluctuating drastically. I was down at like 159 the other day.

    My eating is going up. Especially when I have the munchies .

    I haven't really been seeing any results yet (not counting my weight), but towards the end of week 2. Hoping to see some crazy strength and size gains soon.

    Started a new program. Been slacking with the gym because of school and my car was also in the shop for a while. But now schools over and I'm back.

  2. Yesterday I did arms. The day before I did legs. Today is my rest day.

    I'm sore as **** from legs. I feel stiff like a board when I walk. I got a really strong pump in my arms yesterday.

    Tomorrow makes week 3.

  3. Worked chest today. Lower back is still sore and has a constant pump. Shins and calves were killing me today while playing ball.

    My scale still reads 170 (171.8 last time I checked).

    I think I'm starting to see some results.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by NewYorkGiants View Post
    630 AM - Hdrol
    1030 AM - CA
    2 PM - Hdrol
    3 PM - Gym
    6/7 PM - CA
    11 PM - Sleep
    I am just finishing my 3rd wk on Hdrol cycle. This is my sched.
    0630 - Hdrol
    0930 - CA
    1230 - Hdrol
    1830 - Hdrol
    2030 - Gym
    Bedtime - CA

    I was told by someone here on the forum that it was a good idea to take CA before bed. If you don't want to take 2 Hdrol together (even though it is ok), maybe you can follow a sched something like the one above. I started seeing results at the end of week 2 with the 50 dose but feeling it in the 3rd week at the 75 dose. BTW this is my 1st Hdrol cycle, also.

  5. What seller on ebay did you get your hdrol from? I got mine from ebay a bit ago and I start monday And I am hoping I didnt get screwed...


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