This is what i plan on running this summer, to include diet and workout plan. hoping to gain a solid 15 to 20 lbs. Tell me what yall think and any suggestions are very appreciated!

Questions: Should I run the Recycle(Purus Labs) the last 5 days of my cycle or just wait till the end of the cycle and start it with the Nolva?
The Organ Shield(Purus Labs) seems deficient in milk thistle so should I add some too it? *800mg?


Dark Cyde Reign- (1 Pill morning after breakfast, 1 Pill night time after dinner)
4-chloro-17a-methyl,androst-1, 4-dien 3-17b-diol 25mg (Halovar)
2a, 17a dimethyl-etiocholan-3-one, 17b-ol 15mg (Superdrol)

Started the day after cycle has ended and continue for 4 weeks. 40/20/20/10

Recycle (Purus Labs):
Start 5 days before end of cycle?

Organ Shield (Purus Labs):
Take pre cycle for a week. Then ED on cycle with 800mg of milk thistle? The product seems deficient in milk thistle so should I add some too it?

Creatine Kre-AlKalyne:
Take 2 caps pre workout or 2 caps daily

Muscle Juice Weight Gainer:
Taken post w/o

Animal Pump:
1 pack pre w/o


Fish oil
Milk thistle
Vitamin C: for lethargy
Multi Vitamin


2 cups skim milk
4 eggs
1 cup fruit
1 cup oats

1 Can Chicken Breast
Weight gainer shake
1 Fruit

1 Roast beef Sandwich
1 Fruit

1 can Chicken Breast
1 Baked Potato

Steak or chicken breast
1 Baked Potato

Total calories: 3,259
Total Protein: 288 Grams
Total Carbs: 415 grams
Total Fat: 70 grams


Monday (Chest/ Tri):
Dumbbell bench press: 3X6
Dumbbell Incline press: 3X8
Machine Fly: 3X8
Weighted Dips: 3X10
Skull Crushers: 3X8
One arm dumbbell tricep extension: 3X8
Cable Rope Behind head 3X8

Tuesday (Back/Bi):
Lat pull down: 3X8
T-Bar Row: 3X6
Straight arm cable lat swing down: 3X8
Shrugs (barbell) : 3X8
Preacher curls: 3X8
Seated Supinated dumbbell curls: 3X8
Concentration curls: 3X8
Wrist curls: 2X8

Wednesday (off)

Thursday (Legs):
Squats: 3X8
Hamstring curl: 3X8
Dead: 3X8
Calf Raise (seated): 3X8

Friday (shoulders):
Warm up light Barbell over head: 1X30
Supinating Dumbbell press: 3X8
Dumbbell Front Raise (alternating): 3X8
Standing Row: 3X8

Saturday (off)
Sunday (off)