First time Hdrol cycle setup

  1. First time Hdrol cycle setup

    (Vital Labs) ProteX Cycle Assist and Liver protection - 2 pillsx5days

    Weeks 1-6
    (Vital Labs) Halo-V - 75mg-75mg-75mg-75mg-75mg-75mg
    (Vital Labs) ProteX Cycle Assist and Liver Protection - 2-2-2-2-2-2
    Taurine 6g-6g-6g-6g-6g-6g

    Weeks 7-10
    (IronMag Labs) E-Control Rx - 300mg-300mg-300mg-300mg
    Clomid - 75mg-50mg-50mg-25mg

    Let me know what you think about this cycle. Will log when i get everything and start it. One question that I do have for you guys is if you prefer your clomid in pill form or liquid form? Any suggestion or thoughts on my cycle setup are more then welcome.

  2. I'd preload for 2 weeks bro. Looks pretty solid. Run those supports through the cycle and through the pct.

  3. cool, i ment to put it down for running it durring pct guess i just forgot, and i def will change it and run it or two weeks preload.

  4. Pct looks solid man

  5. havce you happened to use both types of comid liquid and pill if so any difference? I can get either one and have only used liquid.

  6. Most people will tell you to use the pills. I'm only on my first real cycle and have liquid torem. Found some good sites that sell clomid pills and I'll probably look into that next cycle. Pills are good though. I think the reason people like them is that, from what I read, there tends to be less of a chance that it's bunk.
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  7. cool, thanks bro


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