Pct for 1ad/4ad cycle

  1. Pct for 1ad/4ad cycle

    This is going to be my second cycle. Right now the pct I have planned is 6-oxo, a test booster, ZMA, and DAA, along with Volumaize and creatine.

    I'm just wondering if the pct I have planned will suffice, or if I should get some Nolva on hand.

    I'd appreciate any input.

  2. In addition, I'm going to take Liv52 during and post cycle...

  3. Bump. Any modifications??

  4. What are your supports while on this? How long will you run it? Always run a pct afterwards man always.

  5. Personally I would get Nolva, it is always guaranteed to get the job done. I'd run it 20/20/10/10.

  6. Bad company- in going to be taking liv52 for liver support, and I'll have an AI in hand in case I need it. However, last time I ran this cycle, I had no sides. I'm going to run a 5 week cycle with relatively low dosages. Weeks 1-3, 100mg 1ad ED and 300mg 4ad ED. Weeks 4-5, I'm going to bump them up to 500mg 1ad and 600mg 4ad.

    Blocha- alright I will probably get some Nolva to run post cycle as well.

    Thanks for the input guys. I appreciate it.


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