Anadrol Cycle Thoughts

  1. Anadrol Cycle Thoughts

    4 week cycle

    Week one and two: 50mg
    RYR: 1200mg
    Liv 52
    Hawthorne berry: 1000mg
    Orange Triad Multi
    Fish Oil: 1000mg

    Week three and four: 75mg-100mg
    same support supplements


    Nolva: 25/25/10/10
    same support supplements
    Natural test booster
    Reduce XT

    Any input on this cycle? Anything i should add or drop out of it? Should i run another week of PCT

  2. A bombs only? No test?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Chefbolic
    A bombs only? No test?
    A's right now, I may bridge t300

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Bad Company

    A's right now, I may bridge t300
    Why not just run the test now?

  5. I'll probably run the test then go to the a's.

  6. Just run the abombs as a kickstart bro.

  7. Yea dude...test takes roughly 3 weeks to kick in. To kick start it with the Anadrol would be better than running them separate.

  8. I got ya. Thanks for the advice

  9. No problem bro. Make sure u have a good AI on hand cuz you'll need to use it.

  10. I have erase, formestane, and 6 bromo. Which would be best? I know erase is good

  11. Honestly idk how effective those would b on cycle since ppl normally only use prescription AIs. Erase would probly work best, i'd do 3 caps a day.

  12. I'd still get some arimidex though.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Stri8ed
    I'd still get some arimidex though.
    Agreed. It's cheaper and doesn't need to be taken more than eod.

  14. Yeah its a lot less hassle with prescription AIs cuz we know the usual doses. If u go otc, u have to troubleshoot to find what's an effective dose.

  15. Alright. Ill run that along with it. What mg should my PCT be? 40/25/25/10/10 nolva?

  16. 40/20/20/10

  17. Thanks bro

  18. No problem just make sure u have all the bases covered.

  19. You ain't wrong. I always get my pct then supports then the gear

  20. That's good to hear.


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