the usual nub question

  1. the usual nub question

    Well first of all im new to this site was a faithfull follower of for a while but the flames over there are pretty extreme lately so i stumbled upon this site (really glad i found it). Anyways id just like to know wut a good 1-test / 4-ad ratio is now i know someone is just itching to type "do a search" but believe me ive searched and it seems every thread tells someone something different which kind of makes it hard to draw a conclusion well to start this is going to be a bulk cycle. So far from the searches ive done id say a 200 1-test / 300 4-ad cycle for 4 weeks would be adequate basically im just trying to get some verification. Oh and some side notes ive had some pretty bad cystic acne in the past took accutane over half a year ago and havent had acne since but i know that no acne during this cycle will be inevitable most likely but this is another reason im trying to find a good beginner/first cycle ratio to avoid any unnecessary sides. Anyways lookin forward to your input. Oh yah and i will be getting nolva no worries Oh also im give or take 5 "7 170 pounds.

  2. For a nice bulk, Oral, I would go 300-400 1-Test and 900-1200 4-AD. Dont be scared to go that high if you have nolva, and once you start feeling it, you will wish you would have gone that high once your cycle is done. Thats mild even to some people..

  3. How old are you, because my little brother is 16 and he says "nub" Some video game thing..just curious

  4. Well it says 19 on his profile. I think you should stick to diet, and training until you are 21. Get some creatine and eat plenty of protein.

  5. i agree with ryansm you're test levels are PLENTY high naturally right now eat like a horse and you'll see improvements man take it 4,000 cals a day get 8 hours of sleep and don't overtrain then sit back and watch the muscle pile on

  6. No im not 16 im 19 like it says in my profile thanks for your concern but personally what makes 21 the magical age where EVERYONE is eligable to taking PH's. Guess ill do some more "searching" and find the answers myself. And no guys not mad at all i shoulda expected that reply thanks anyways be sure to check out my pics in the "pics" section i might post some later tonight. Man im stoked im bout to head to the gym again for first time in 2 1/2 months, was in germany got back on thursday now its time to get serious again!

  7. Hey man it's nothing against you personally. I always advocate diet and proper training until atleast 21 years of age. The reason behind it is you may not be completely done growing, and any exogenous hormones could really cause some serious problems. Just keep plugging away, and it's good that you have a possitive attitude.

  8. The reason that 21 is the "magic" number is that is when a majority of the guys stop growing due to growth plates closing and that is usually the time when you run less of a chance of fing up your endocrine system due to introducted hormones..


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