I am planning on running a 6 week h-drol cycle. Im debating between Purus Labs Halovar and Helladrol by mr. supplements. I have a clean diet and have been lifting for about 6 solid years.
Some Stats:
My current weight is 174 and I am 5'9.
Goals: I want to gain around 8-10 pounds, lean out, and add some mass.

I would take cycle assist 2 weeks before cycle and continue it through my cycle. My h-drol dosage would be 50/50/75/75/75/75. Also my last week on my cycle I would start my liquid Nolvadex, and Post cycle assist. I would run that for 5 weeks total. So my nolvadex dosage would be 20/20/10/10.

How does this sound? Also, some say I need a test booster in my PCT, how necessary is it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.