Super One+ Cycle Log

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  1. Super One+ Cycle Log

    Sorry guys if you are against 1fast...purchased this before I found out about BDC.

    Well today was day #3...taking 6 squirts twice a day. So far weight up 1.5-2 pounds...hard to say, weight fluctuates, but definitely up 1 pound, where I am heaviest ever been at 179 lbs. Don't know my bodyfat %, probably around 12-13%.

    Strength not up yet...stamina is increasing. So far no increase in libido or lethargy yet. I haven't really had a hard time sleeping either...but also the tiredness hasn't kicked in either.

    Taking efa oil, multi vit, and protein.

    Eating about 3500 cals a day, will work my way up.

  2. day 4

    weight up another pound, most likely water weight...still no side effects such as tiredness, insomnia, lethargy, etc..

    i dont expect my strength to be up yet either, hard to compare because this is my first week.

    i noticed this stuff also does not increase appetite, but i've been force feeding myself...trying to take in as much cals as I can.

    finally got my trans to apply good, it was globby at first, but i heated it up and its all G now....added 10% dmso, so far no rash, been applying it in different areas every application. us my chest, inner biceps, upper traps, inner thighs....any other suggestions to apply???

    will keep everyone updated as my cycle goes on.

  3. just make sure you keep rotating application spots, and apply some lotion to the spots that aren't in use

    bump those calories up and you'll put on some mass in a hurry!

    good luck and keep us posted

  4. Hey mauibuilt, I just order some Superone+ too, hasn't arrived yet but am eager to get started. I'm very interested to see how your results go so keep us posted. Lookin good so far.

    Do you think adding the DMSO will make a big improvement? Maybe I should get some before it arrives. I honestly didn't think there would be room to added it, guess I was wrong.

  5. Muai, I'm assuming you solved the problem by heating the bottle?

  6. draven - i would reccommend getting DMSO. This is my first ever topical cycle so I cannot compare the effectiveness of DMSO, but according to everyone else and the absorption rate, I would go with it. Its doesn't cost much, I ordered from lemelange...came in 5 days or so.

    scotty- yep heated it up and its all good. only had to heat it up once and its continuing to apply great.

    will keep you all informed as i go on.

    what i do notice is a great increase in appetite and puffy nips. not too worried about the nips because i feel i am holding a lot of water weight and the nips went down when i woke up this morning because i wasn't as saturated with probably only water rentention like everyone else experiences.....also, i do rotate everyday.

    i noticed when i applied it on my foot, i actually could taste a lil bit in my mouth, anyone else ever had a slight taste? maybe the foots really effective to apply to.

  7. How many mg's of DMSO did you add? I found a place here in canada to order some so I'm gonna go ahead and do that, just curious how much your're using.

  8. draven- 24mls....thats 10%

    day 5....up another pound (total of 3)....holding a lot of water weight...especially in my shoulders.

    stamina increased greatly....even my pumps! great workouts.
    i'm beginning to think my strength is going up but then again...haven't compared from last week. same weights just feels lighter.

    will keep you all posted.

  9. day 8

    same weight but look leaner. lost some stomach fat, can tell because i am fairly lean....

    i'm assuming i gained more water/muscle weight and lost fat weight, so remained the same weight.

    as for my lifts, strength is up a little, can't say its the ph thats giving me the strength because its not a significant gain.

    as for fatigue, non-existent. i can go on and on but i didnt, don't want to over train.

    dont have any sides yet.

    quick applying it to the top of the foot a good area? i noticed it enters the bloodstream best for me when i apply it to my inner bi's...where have you all experienced is a good area to apply?

    also when you all your strenght and size gains seem to kick in?

  10. day 9

    omg! all i can say is this stuff is the ish! weight up 3 pounds from yesterday, i'm sure lots is water...can feel it, but looks as if none is fat...i am an ecto so its quite hard for me to put on more fat than i already have...probably around 13-14%. if i cut cals for a day or 2, ill lose a pound or 2. nuff of that....

    im up 6 pounds so far....started 177, now 183. i don't fatigue at all and my recovery is great. stamina is there but i don't feel that load of energy. also the pumps are so nuts it hurts, for example today was bicep day, after my first exercise i was so sore from the pump. INTENSE!

    strength is same.

  11. Originally posted by mauibuilt
    day 9

    i am an ecto so its quite hard for me to put on more fat than i already have...probably around 13-14%. .
    good to hear you're happy with your transdermal. @ 13-14%, i assume you arent a true ectomorph. but whatever, i would be pumped as well for results off my first cycle.....Sage

  12. heating it up? I have something similar to superone+ that I made and it will have dmso soon as well, but I keep mine in the freezer is this bad?

  13. day 10

    i noticed i am leaning out, i must not be eating enough cals....this past couple days i've been eating clean but have been slacking on the eating, but just went grocery shopping so im back in action. weight dropped a pound and a half....

    strength is up! did a nice shoulder workout today and added 5 reps. went from dumbell presses 75x8 to 75x13, so went up to 80'ss and did that 7 times.

  14. day 11

    gained the weight back and added a up a total of 7 pounds. strength has increased noticably on all sides as of yet

  15. i'm down 2 pounds again...damn weight fluctuates so much...must be the drinking i did this weekend....damn stupid.

    but i am a lot it was just bf...body starting to get itchy even in areas i haven't even applied to.

  16. day 15

    weighing in at 181.0 today. Damn, so far only gained total of 4 pounds, none fat, if anything I lost a pound or two of fat. My strength has not gone up by much.

    Week 3 strength gains:
    Bench Press has gone up from 195 for 7 reps to 195 for 9 reps.

    I haven't compared week 1 and 2, because the there were really no strength gains.

    In all of your opinions, am I on the right track, or should I have seen much more strength and size gains.

  17. Sounds to me like your not eating enough. If you're losing weight and not gaining any fat that tells me your likely eating close to your maintenance level. Remember your metabolism increases will on. Just MO, others might have a different view.

  18. mauibuilt : I think you should increase your calories specially on the cycle you are on , since you aren't losing muscle and you are losing fat , as draven said you might be at a calorie level for maintenance.

  19. day 16

    stoked! not only did i gain the weight i lost, i added a pound! total net gain of 7 pounds now, and i look leaner than when i started. must be the water weight, today i decided to carry a bottle of water around with me while working out instead of going to the water fountain all the time.....weighed myself before workout....182.5, and after, 184.3. So I guess 182.5 is more accurate weight but i've been weighing myself since the beginning after my workouts. So I am probably 182.5 but i still gained 7 pounds!!

    strength hasn't really increase significantly, but i'm gonna conclude that my strength has probably not been gaining much because throughout my lifting years i've been going heavy on everything...usually 4-6 on compound exercises and shoot for 8 on other exercises....about 2 weeks before i cycled i started going for pure hypertrophy....8-12 reps on i guess my strength hasnt' fallen but hasn't gained either....well just see how everything goes...

    one more thing to point out....i am very tired now days....i get 8 hours of sleep and i dont want to get out of bed. around 2 pm i start getting tired in class and i can just pass out if i want to....then i workout and get the adrenaline pumping and all that....come around 7pm i am dead tired!!!

    also upped my cals...eating close to 4000.

  20. day 17

    same weight....shoulder day....

    increased dumbell shoulder press up to 85's for 8 reps....started cycle at 75's for 8, so seeing some nice gains on the shoulders.

  21. Maui, lethargy is a common side effect. It sounds like your cycle is coming around just like we said it would. You might want to consider a 5-6 week cycle since it kicked in late.

    Dumbbell shoulder presses, impressive. Told you that the strength gains are unreal. Keep posting.

    Do you have your post cycle spplementaytion plan in order?

  22. labrad- yep, cycles coming along well...can feel the 1test really kicking in now....about 45-1 hour after i apply, i get a slight fever, body temp raises.

    My post cycle suppplementation follows:
    Starting last day, taking 300mg 6-oxo for 3 weeks(1bottle)
    Continue taking Flax
    continue taking in around 4000 cals
    lowering volume on workouts

  23. day 18

    up another 185 pounds. total gain of 8 pounds...hahah loving it....i don't look 8 pounds heavier though.

    did triceps today, strength through the roof, added a good 15 pounds on my skull crushers and everything else felt little lighter too.

  24. Yup, it looks like you have everything in order. Told you not to panic. Enjoy it while it lasts. There is nothing like that 1st time.

  25. day 19

    same weight...leg day, strength up, not much more to say


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