Cutting Cycle Help plz

  1. Cutting Cycle Help plz

    Alright guys really need some pro advice on cutting. Diet weight training and cardio is all on point. My question is on these compounds....


    I want minimum water retention. What test do u guys recommend and what could I tweak or add to run a cycle with these compounds for success

    Thanks for the help

  2. Is this your first cycle? Stats bro?

  3. It's my second cycle, my 1st cycle was last year, it was a bulking cycle of tri test deca but I had no idea of how to do a pct and I started it really late, I have been training 10 years on and off my stats are....

    Age 29
    Weight 86 kg
    Waist 34 inch
    Body fat 16-18% ( I want abt 10% or below )
    Hight 5 foot 9

    Would really appreciate your help as my knowledge is very limited and I am here doing my research

  4. Alright this is what i'd like:

    Week 1-10 Test Prop 500 mg
    Week 1-8 Tren Ace 500 mg
    Week 3-10 Anavar 60-80 mg ED
    Clen (dosage idk I don't use clen, I prefer ECA)

    Caber as needed
    Arimidex .5mg EOD

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