Alright guy, trying to get me and friends cycle perfect before ordering what we need. I havent posted much in these forums, but I've been lurking around reading and learning for about 2 years. Been following Unrealmachine and ManBeast mostly as they post great stuff. Anyways a little about me before I post a few questions. I'm 26 and have been lifting properly for 5 to 6 years. I got into natural bodybuilding competitions last year but ended up tearing my ACL playing rugby for my cities team. I'm 5'10 and weight 180, been up to 185 naturally. Wanting to join the "real darkside" as I became more and more obsessed with the bodybuilders of the past, Arnold, Franco, and Serge. I say "real darkside" because I took a few cycles of pro-hormones in the past (ages 19-21) when I was young and dumb. I took epistane a few times, H-drol and P-plex, and never did a proper PCT and payed for it with a tad of gyno.

That being said I'm looking to take my first cycle of Test-E and DBol within the next month or two. What I'm looking at so far is :

Test E @ 500mg 1-12. Injections 3.5 days apart.

DBol @ 30mg (or 40mg?) 1-4. Split up throughout day.

Will supplement a livercare (Liv52 maybe), Hawthorne berry as I've gotten nose bleeds before, and milk thistle? I've heard mixed things about this so I don't know. Also have heard with Liv52 I wouldn't need milk thistle also? These things will be preloaded and continued throughout cycle.

Question how much Test E I need to purchase as it's a bit confusing to me. Just want to make sure I order right amount. It listed as "50 amps Test Enanthate - 200mg/ml 2ml/amp EP."I have a slight idea what this means after reading another post, but I want to make sure how much this is compared to what I need.

PCT is where I'm slightly confused about...

I see some say Nolva @ 40/40/20/20, but then I also see Clomid @ 100mg for 4 weeks as its a faster LH stimulator. Then I've seen the two combined with Nolva @ 20mg and Clomid @ 100 mg for 4 weeks. Regardless, I'd rather only take 1 if possible, Nolva @ 40/40/20/20 seems to be the most often but like I said, just things I've seen.

As far as AI's and HCG, I'm confused as hell as to when/if to take an AI, and just confused on HCG in general. I've seen some take HCG throughout cycle and PCT, some at end of cycle and throughout PCT, and some just PCT. Also what are different ways of taking HCG? I think injection is most common that I've seen, but also have seen where you can use drops in your mouth?

Anyways any input/help will be much appreciated as I don't plan to run/buy anything till this is perfect.