deca durabolin side-effects VS Trenbolone side effect

  1. deca durabolin side-effects VS Trenbolone side effect

    which on of those cycles has the most side-effects and who are those? :
    sustanon + deca durabolin cycle VS test e + Tren prop

  2. Depends on your body man, nobody can say for sure which is going to affect you better/worse.

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    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  3. I have not done any, but i know 2 guys who did trenbolone. 1 great results. the other some real nasty sides, had to quit. i know lots of who have done deca, no complaints aside from having raisins for nuts

  4. In general, tren is known to have more sides. It's a much more anabolic and androgenic compound, so it tends to be harder on the system. Tren is generally never recommended for beginners, but I've seen plenty of people recommend deca and test as a beginner cycle (though typically, test alone is recommended first).

    As manbeast said, everyone is different, you may do fine on tren, but very few people would be surprised to hear if you were unlucky enough to get lots of sides on tren.

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