cycle opinions wanted

  1. cycle opinions wanted

    Been here for a while, been doing quite a bit of research on what my next cycle should be. Up until now I've done a few trans 1 testosterone cycles and two 1-AD cycles. I've decided on a cycle, want opinions on it before I invest the money. First some history:

    I'm a fat guy. 300, 17% body fat. Been working out irregularly all my life, consistently between the ages of 15 and 20, and now for two and half years until the present time. I usually alternate between HST and regular strength training. Preference is for full body routines, I usually try to design them to fit a push pull split so I can easily spread them over two or more days and add volume if I want to, which I've recently done.

    Goals are gaining lean mass. Fat gain isn't desirable but since it's unavoidable my goal is to just minimize it with diet control. No Dorrito bulking. Basically this is a weight loss routine that's working very well for me. Used to be near 400lbs, lost 100lbs over the course of the last couple years through weight training and diet control and some cardio. For cardio I play racquetball or dance at clubs. No kidding, the latter is awesome and depending on the woman you're with, ****loads more fun than any sport or treadmill. I put on lean mass with a bulking cycle, and then it seems as I come off it's a lot easier to lose fat because of the increase in muscle tissue and discipline in the diet. So far my waist has gone down consistently even though my weight fluctuates more than decreases consistently. All in all my guess is my diet would have to be around 6000 calories with 500-600 grams of protein in there. Since it's easy I want to go with a 40/40/20 split with regard to protein carbs and fats. Any advice here is welcome, diet is my weakest point.

    Training will be high volume, moderate frequency of two times a week for each body part. From past experience that's what I seem to respond to best while on.

    Cycle will go as follows:
    1 Testosterone Cypionate - 300mg 2 times weekly - weeks 1-6
    Nolva at 80mg ED week 7
    Nolva at 60mg ED week 8
    Nolva at 40mg ED week 9
    Nolva at 20mg ED week 10 & 11, maybe twelve depending on feelings/possible labs at the time.

    The longer more tapered PCT seems to work best for me. But one question: If the dosing of the cyp is on Sunday and Wednesday/Thursday, is that enough time between the last dose of the cyp and the start of PCT Sunday of the following week?

    That's the solid part of the cycle. The soft part I'm undecided on is the compliment for the 1 test. I don't want to use 4AD, I'm too prone to gyno and too bloated already, so I was looking for another nonaromatizer that could offset the sides of 1 test. I've settled on either 4 ohn decaonate, MOHN or 4 oht decaonate. I've got two questions on this though. For one, has anyone used any form of the three, oral, injectable or trans (I know the methyl is meant only for oral use), in a similar manner, and did it work to offset the sides? Two, the decaonate ester is longer acting as I understand it. What dose would you guys reccomend and how often? From what I've read of Decca Durabolin cycles once a week injection is common but I've also read that two a week at a lower dose can keep active levels more consistent throughout the cycle.

    Any opinions would be welcome. Might be easier going with the MOHN to be honest, I just wanted to avoid a methyl if possible.
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