T-1 pro ?

  1. T-1 pro ?

    First let me introduce myself and say this board looks real cool. Now for my question. I used to use gear and would go as high as 1g e/w of test. So I'm guessing I'll need a deceintly high dose of prohormones to get results. Anyway after reading some post here on dosing and products I think I have decided what I want to try.

    T1-pro 4ml's done twice daily so 8ml's ed total
    I see most here suggest only going four weeks but I was probably going to run it 8 weeks and use clomid post cycle. Also I will probably use some slin at 10 IU's about 3 days e/w for first 4 weeks of cycle and 3-4 weeks post cycle. Like I said I'm new to the PH game so any comments are welcome.

    Oh yeah by the way my stats where 260lbs arms slightly over 20'' and **** I don't remember the rest.lol The thing is I quit lifting for a few months because of personal problems and I shrunk to 230lbs. Anyway my goal here is to add lean gains and hit a lean 235lbs at about 8% bf. Right now I"d guess my bf% is around 12%

  2. First off hey... Second the reason that we only run 1-test 4 weeks is because the gains substantially subside after 4 weeks. DOn't really know why but they do... As for the high dose I have done 1g test /week as well but when I did a 200mg 1-test and 200mg 4-ad cycle I gained 17 lbs... SO what you have done in the past will be different than 1-test. It has it own special properties. hehehehe. I would just run 3 squirst/day (6ml). That would be 250mg of 1-test and 125mg 4-ad.. I bottle would last 40days so you can run it out if you want... Well I hope that helps.. Talk to ya...
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  3. Thanks for the info curt2go. By the way how where your gains? Where they lean or did you experience any bloat. I'll give the 3 squirts ed a try and see how it turns out.

  4. With t1-pro you will get very lean gains... The more 4-ad you add the more bloat... 1-test is awsome... Hope you have fun with it..
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  5. I don't suggest running any cycle longer than 4 weeks, your best gains will come at weeks 3-4. After that gains slow and prostate troubles become an issue, ask WW7.



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