Hi guys and girls

I am new to the forums but have done 8-10 cycles with various steroids ,
all getting good results as i research and find what is best for me

i have been bulking before the holidays but now i want to get ripped up for summer and wanted to try a new cycle and was wondering
what views everyone had on this

i am going to run equi-test which is a blend of equipose and test enanthate , 250mg of each per 1ml
and was going to run this 2ml per week (500mg test + 500mg equipose)
this will be for 16 weeks as i believe equipose has to be run for a longer period

along side of this i will be running hygetropin at 5ius EOD for the duration of the cycle above , then i will up it to 5ius everyday for 4 months

my stats are
260 lbs
looking to get ripped

any advice/ tips would be most welcome , thanks