First ph cycle Hdrol with otc pct

  1. First ph cycle Hdrol with otc pct

    Hello people, this will be my first ph cycle (excluding hyperdrolx2). I've been training on and off for years and i just hit 34 yo.
    Firstly i would rather use a SERM specifically Nolva, but i have no guarantee that if i get any it will be legit. Also If i could get Nova i would be taking a stronger ph to start with, but i went with Hdrol because the opinion is that a OTC PCT will be ok.

    So far my cycle looks like this..

    CEL Hdrol 50/50/75/75/75/75
    CEL Cycle Assist starting 2 weeks before , during and 2 weeks after

    ERASE (4 weeks) 2 caps per day to start , will drop to one if 2 is too much for me
    BLUE UP (4 weeks) at recommended dose
    Primordial DAA 3g per day for 4 weeks
    Anabolic innovations PCT support at recommended dose
    Creapure creatine mono... loading and maintenance
    Animal Pak for vitality

    I have done my best to compensate for the lack of a SERM, but bearing that in mind what do you think ?

    Cheers !

  2. I think this looks good . I did hdrol 4 months ago with a OTC pct and came out good at that same dose .

  3. ejschmidt
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    During my first H-drol cycle I didn't use any "research" serms, I used iForce Reversitol and SNS Inhibit-E. The Inhibit-E is a bit difficult to find nowadays, however, Reversitol is readily available and rather inexpensive. It's has some proprietary blend of their SERM mix, and I'm not entirely certain as to its composition, however, the combination of the two worked fantastically for me. I would also reccomend a natural test booster, like tribulus or zma, or both... They are both cheap compounds which can be bought in bulk for 20 dollars collectively. Best of luck.

  4. Thanks for your replies. It seems i have it covered

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