Check out my results so far on clen and M1t

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  1. Check out my results so far on clen and M1t

    I started this cycle on Mon Aug 30th:

    Weeks 1-3: 10mg M1T

    Weeks 4-6: 60-80mg M5aa

    Weeks 1-2 140mcg clen

    Weeks 3-4: 75mg Ephedrine and 600mg Caffeine

    Weeks 5-6: 140 mcg Clen

    Weeks 7-8: 75mg Ephedrine and 600mg Caffeine

    Weeks 9-10: 140mcg Clen

    Weeks 7-10: Nolva @ 40mg, 30mg, 20mg, 20mg and Milk Thistle

    My stats were as follows:
    Weight: 163
    BF: about 13.5
    Bench: 270
    Squat: 250x6

    Deadlift: 205x8

    Arms: 15.25in

    Here are my stats as of now:
    Weight: 150
    BF: >13
    Bench: 225X6 (prolly 175 or 180 max)
    Squat: 250x6 (havent been able to squat cause of a sprained ankle)

    Deadlift: 205x8 (sprained ankle)

    Arms: 15.5in

    My goals:
    Originally it was to get down to 152, without loosing Muscle. I allready did that though. So im going to get down to 140-145. Im gettin light for wrestling. My strength isnt haulting and my diets amazing. High protien, med carbs, and low fat. My bench and shoulder press have gone up and im seeing definition everywhere. Ill be done with the first two weeks on monday. Il keep this updated throughout my cycle.

    Give me your thoughts or advice...

  2. I hope your bodyfat dropped by more than .5% if you lost 13lbs...if it only dropped by .5% that means you lost around 10.5lbs of muscle!!! Maybe you had a typo in your lastest bf %, but if not, that isnt what I would be shooting for. I understand you are trying to cut weight for wrestling, so I guess if you have to drop down that much and can still keep your strength then that is great, but from a bodybuilding standpoint that wasnt such a good deal.

  3. i havent exactly mesaured my BF. All i know is that it seems to be all gone except that little area around the lower part of my stomach. I dont think Ive lost muscle because I keep getting strength gains. Im sure atleast 6 pounds of the weight i lost was water.

  4. so you are saying you lost 13 pounds and gained 1/4" on your arms?
    your squats are the same, your deadlifts are the same and your bench went down? I can't honestly see what you are happy about bro, correct me if I am wrong or if I read something wrong. No flame intended, just don't understand

  5. My bench and shoulder press have gone up and im seeing definition everywhere. I couldnt do deads or squats becasue I sprained my ankle and I cant put to much presure on them yet. I'm happy because Im finally seeing results, I'm makin weight for wrestling and I'm getting stronger as I am loosing weight

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SwoleT
    My stats were as follows:
    Weight: 163
    BF: about 13.5
    Bench: 270

    Bench: 225X6 (prolly 175 or 180 max)
    You said bench went down?
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Deoudes59
    You said bench went down?
    no? was 170 and now its 180

  8. you said you benched 270 now your max is 175-180 but yet you can rep 225x6?

  9. lmfao. my bad 275-280. Im sorry guys that was my mistake. I hit 175-180 and meant 275-280. No wonder yall were like why the heck is this guy so happy

  10. You've lost 13 pounds in the matter of 2 weeks with strength staying the same? How far below matianance are you on calories?

    Most people even gain a bit of weight while on M1T from water retension. I know I gained ~5 pounds within the first couple days. I've just finished day 14 of 16 of my M1T/4Derm part of this cycle and I'm up 10 pounds with my log showing ~1100 calorie deficit per day. (Strength is up 20-30 pounds on all major lifts). Overall I'm very happy since I was going for body recomp/cutting this cycle.

    BTW, Clen speeds up your metabolism 10%, correct? So does that mean if your matianance is 4000 you'd burn an extra 400 calories? Or higher?

    Edited: Saw your other thread on your diet so disregard most of the questions above.
    Last edited by copper2002; 09-11-2004 at 11:44 PM.

  11. Ive seemed to level off at 149-150lbs. I'm holding some water still probably from the m1t. I'm trying to get 1600-1900 cals a day. I do 40min cardio 3-4 times per week. And workout 5 days a week. My ultimate goal is to get as light as possible for wrestling without sacraficing muscle. 8% BF is what im shooting for. I still got 2 and a half months. Anyone know if m5aa causes water weight as much as m1t?

  12. m5aa - no water weight
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  13. M5aa will dry you out nicely.

  14. Alright i started ephedrine and caffine today. UGH, i dont like it as much as the clen. I tend to get shortness of breath esp. during wrestling today. Im keepin water intake high though so no other sides occuring so far. Today is chest day again. Im goin to the gym later tonite, im too exhausted right now from wrestling conditioning. Ill let yall know how that goes...

  15. ok just got back from the gym about an hour ago. Didnt focus too much on bench press this time. I did a few warm up sets of 205, then did 225x5 and 235x1 (wasnt focused at all on that one). then i hit up some DB incline. started w/ the 60's, then 65's (they used to be workin sets, but i got them 10 times easy today). So i did 70x10 and 75x8 (first time i ever used the 75's, i felt big). I weighed in today, not on an empty stomach and was 149. The lbs are just comming off and strength is either stayin the same or slowly going up. Cals were too low today. The ephedrine made me loose my appetite. Its not too bad though because i cheated on sunday so i guess it levels them out. Energy was up despite the low cals. I decided to just keep droping weight till either i loose alot of strength or till im like 6-8%BF. So im shooting for 140-145. I figure if my strength goes down a lil it'll be worth it. 149 and benchin 275 is good but then again if i drop to 145 and can only bench 265-270 thats still good.

  16. Day 16. Weighed in at 148. Today was back day. I got insane back and forearm pumps. It was hard to finish my workout. I did Lat pulldowns for 170x6. I dunno how that crap i did that either. I went up 20lbs in that particular exercise. I did some t-bar rows w/ 115x10 (2 45's and a 25). I did bent over rows @ 145x10. By this time My pumps were too much to handle. I tried to do some reverse grip rows but my arms were too pumped. Couldnt grip for deads either (pissed me off so much). I decided I'd do my deads in the AM on shoulder day (sat). or on friday (leg day). Most likely saturday though. As far as BF is going, i still havent gotten it checked yet. I see alot more definition in my legs, arms, shoulders and upper chest though. Noticable fat loss around my top to abs. (thery're finally comin in, you can faintly see the first too). Diet couldnt have gone better today. Tons of protien, minimal fat and jus enough carbs. I'm so siked about the results im finally seeing.

  17. Day 18... Still 148. I didnt have wrestling today so i did some cardio and worked out abs and calves at the gym. I hadnt worked out legs in 2 weeks cause of my sprained ankle. I dunno how but my calves got stronger. Must be the m1t. Anyways calorie intake was right on target today. Not seeing much weight loss w/ ephedrine, but atleast im not gaining weight. Although i like im getting gains w/ m1t I cant wait to get off it, I'm ready to loose this water weight. I start m5aa for the first time ever on monday. HOw should I dose it? I was thinking of starting it at 60mg for week one, then 80mg for the other two weeks if I feel i could benefit from more. What do yall think... Also do u think ill see such drastic weight loss on my second 2 weeks of clen as i did on my first 2 weeks?

  18. Sounds good so far bro....and m5aa shouldn't casue any water weight.

  19. okay im in my 3rd week of cutting cycle. Im 147 at the end of the day now. Today I started my m5aa. I took 60mg pre workout. I focused primarily on upper chest and middle upper chest. I feel I need to work these areas most. I used to use flat bench as my main backbone of my chest workout. Now its Incline. I did 80lb dB for 8. So that went up 5 lbs from last week. I did some upward cable fly crossover thingys. WOrks great for the middle upper chest. I know im gonna feel the burn tommorow. I did a few sets of flat bench and a few decline. My chest looked super pumped. Here are my stats as of now:
    Weight: 147
    BF: around 11%
    Bench Press: 280-285 (245x4)
    Squat: 350-360
    Deadlift: 225x6
    Arms: 15.5in

  20. Damn you are strong as hell for your size and weight. how tall are you?

  21. i think i grew a little bit. I was like 5'8 w/o shoes now im 5'9

  22. Day 23! Back day was tremendous! Every single lift was up. I dunno if its the m5aa or what but things went insanely well. I did some pull ups to sorta warm up. The hit some lat pull downs (wide grip) My final set was 180x6 (up 10lbs). I did t-bar rows with 145x8(up 30lbs). I did this machine kinda thing thats i guess is equivalent to DB rows. I used to do 55lbs on each side (this was litterally like 6months ago). Today i did 100lbs on each side. I did cable rows (seated) @ 160x8 (up 10lbs). well im out its past 10 and i need my sleep... Ill continute to keep this updated

  23. day 24, arm day. I lifted some top lifts today. Preacher curl machine (80x6). Seat DB curls 35x16 (8 on each arm) Tricep pushdowns 260x10 (i had to add a 10lb plate). Those are my top lifts. I weighed in at 146. Im feeling discouraged tho. Ive lost 17lbs but still feel fat around the stomach. My strength has gone up so im obviusly not loosing muscle. Plus my muscles are getting bigger. I feel like i look sort of soft i guess. I was thinkin maybe its water weight but i can still grab fat off my stomach. Its mostly on my obliques and front abs, slight fat on the chest as well. Im on m5aa now and isnt that supposed to dry u out? is it possible that maybe ive only lost 10 lbs of fat but 7 pounds of water? I figure im somewhere around 11-12%. Cause i can see my abs if i twist to the side and flex.

  24. I notice im feeling exhuasted everyday after school. I cant figure out why. Does m5aa cause lethargy like m1t. I cant understand why im so tired....


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