Check out my results so far on clen and M1t

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  1. you used m1t without any 4-ad.

    m1t shuts you down hard. i imagine thats why you're so lethargic

  2. that must be it..ive never run it with 4ad before tho.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SwoleT
    Weight: 147
    BF: around 11%
    Bench Press: 280-285 (245x4)
    Squat: 350-360
    Deadlift: 225x6
    Arms: 15.5in
    Those are great stat's dude! At your weight you're a beast!

    But, I'm confused on the bolded part. 245 x 4 and maxing @ 285 sounds 20lbs too heavy, IMHO. You'd have to be "really" fast twitch for that. I'm "really" fast twitch and I'd suggest you go for you 1RM at the end of youre cycle, just for ****s and giggles

  4. I maxed out last week @ 280. But my best lift as far as sets go was 245x4. I did 205x12, 225x8 then 245x4. I may have not rested enough or something. I get what your saying though. Ill def max out at the end of my cycle tho and post it up here.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by SwoleT
    I maxed out last week @ 280. But my best lift as far as sets go was 245x4. I did 205x12, 225x8 then 245x4. I may have not rested enough or something. I get what your saying though. Ill def max out at the end of my cycle tho and post it up here.
    Damn, that's good. Maybe you just pyramided up to 245x4??? If you did that, the 245x4 makes more sense. But if you've warmed up and then repped out 245 x 4, without trashing yoru muscles on sets in between, that's crazy.

  6. yea i pyramided, i had usually gotten 205x8-10 225x5-6. My friend was like see how many u can get so i did. I guess i just hadnt been used to higher reps. Im probably gonna max out monday so ill let u know what it stands at now

  7. got some pix?

  8. yea i got some old ones before cycle, and some ones before working out. I wanan take some pics as of now and after my cycle tho. I need to either get a digicam or get photos put on some cds. I tried takin some w/ my cell phone but there too blurry and faded looking and u cant really get a clear picture. Ill post my befors and during sometime next week for yall

  9. im about to start week 6 w/ clen and m5aa. M5aa is workin alright i think. I mean im not gettin as strong but deffinetly gettin vascular and harder. Lifts have stayed pretty soild, going up little by little. The most dramatic increases are shown in my arm workouts and shoulders. I did shoulder ands traps today. I shrugged 400lbs today (record high) and shoulder pressed (barbell) with 155x7. I felt pretty soild today. I'm happy my lifts are still goin up but im most happy with the loss of BF. I can see a 4-pack now when flexed and viens are popping out at my waist and shoulders and chest. And even more are comin in on my biceps and foeramrs. I love my new found vascularity.

  10. ok im back to give some more details on my cycle. Im in week six as of yesterday. The sides from the clen arent nearly as intense (i dont feel like its workin), Im not as jittery but my hands are still shaking. I'm upping cardio now. Im doin my wrestlin conditiong on mon wed and fri and running on tue and thurs, and playin football w/ some friend on sat or sun. I weigh 148 now at the end of the day. I guess i gained some muscle cause i still look the same. Hopefully i can get back donw to 145 within this week. My lifts have sort of leveled off. NOthin has gone up but nothing has gone down. I maxed out at 280 last wednesday. Im thinkin of changin my split again. I'm workin my ass off and changin routines but i still dont get sore. Anyone got a recomened split? I want a one bodypart a week split.

  11. ok im back to update this. I decided to give m5aa one more week. My weight as of now is still fluctuating between 144-148. I go on PCt in one week. My strength goes up pretty much every time i work out. I work out one bodypart a week. I think i may need to get straps for certain exercises cause my forearms get too pumped and i loose grip easily. If any of yall are wondering M5aa is not all its said to be. The m1t worked great. My initail goal is to get down to 140. I've got till end of nov. I think it can be done. I'm upping cardio to 5x per week, and im limiting carbs to in the AM and after workout. I'm still in the range of 11% BF. So i figure five more pounds of fat would be wonderful. I hate cutting, when wrestling season is over my bf will hopefully be around 8% and im gonna gain some more mass. But lets stick to the basics. Do yall think I can acomplish loosing 4-8 more lbs in a little over a month and a half?


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