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    Question Cutting on T1-PRO

    I`ve been doing some research in anticipation of receiving my T1-PRO.
    I have been lowering calories and my aim is for lean mass/lower BF.
    I read this from Dante in response to a question by a guy planning to cut on Super One+.

    "Learn to prioritize. Post-cycle, especially after a cycle, four to eight weeks, and you'll want to keep your calories elevated, regardless of what your goals were. You won't get to where you're going if you don't listen to your body.

    6OXO hastens the process, but, it won't make up for a current state of Testosterone shutdown.

    If you want to cut, do several two-week cycles as you need not keep your calories elevated for that long. Can get away with cycling your intake, here, that is, day 1 and 2--500 calories, perhaps, over maintenance, day 3--maintenance, day 4--500 calories over, etc.
    During your cycle's run, cut your calories as low you can, so long as muscle's not run wasted, as not your strength, either. Your cycle, the last day, 14, do a day-long refeed so to elevate Leptin. Consume high-glycemic carbs, moderate protein and low fat for that entire period of end.

    A two-week cycle, and one week, cycling, should be fine.

    Honestly, if I were cutting, I wouldn't do long cycle such as that. Yes, you'd lean out, but, maintaining that state of leanness, attempting to preserve muscle, a Sisyphean challenge. Something must give."

    I`m interested to see what everyone`s opinion of this is.

    BTW - here`s the entire thread:

  2. What if you just elevated your protein intake after a long cycle.
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  3. With a high enough protein intake you could still maintein a slight calorie deficit and not lose muscle and continue to burn fat. I you were say maintaining a deficit of 300 calories add 2 25 gram shakes after the cylcle and maintain a 100 gram deficit.
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  4. Ok this is what I plan on doing I am on keto and will be when I start my cycle of six weeks. The last two weeks of the cycle I will switch my diet to my regular precontest which is much higher in protein and slightly higher in calories, I will continue on this diet after the cycle right up till a week b4 the contest. I won't drop any caliories untill at least 3 weeks after the cycle during which time I will be taking 600 mg 6oxo a day.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

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