T-1 pro cycle

  1. T-1 pro cycle

    going on my second week, up about 7 lbs. strength is great and so are the pumps. what is the average gain on a 4 week t-1pro cycle?

  2. Look around in the cycle info forum, lots of journals and logs.

  3. Should be about 10-15lb generally. Some people have managed 20lb. If you pay scotty $20, he'll email you every 30 minutes and remind you to eat more.
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  4. He doesn't eat?

  5. right now i am taking in about 6-7 meals a day. trying to increase but its hard. its tough when you are a student.

  6. Originally posted by scotty2
    He doesn't eat?
    Shouldn't YOU be eating?
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  7. Eating is not necessary when you do phs.

  8. Originally posted by scotty2
    Eating is not necessary when you do phs.
    I'm just joking man. I guess not everyone gets my humor though
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  9. C'mon pogue, I know you're kidding, you think I'm serious?

  10. Originally posted by scotty2
    C'mon pogue, I know you're kidding, you think I'm serious?
    I just don't know anymore!
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  11. on the last week of my t-1 pro cycle, i gained about 10 pounds. i am pleased with results.

  12. The 2 1t/4ad cycles ive done, the gains were 19 and 17lbs respectively.

  13. nice. this was my first cycle. what would be a good stack for me to try next?


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