T-1 pro cycle

  1. T-1 pro cycle

    going on my second week, up about 7 lbs. strength is great and so are the pumps. what is the average gain on a 4 week t-1pro cycle?

  2. Look around in the cycle info forum, lots of journals and logs.

  3. Should be about 10-15lb generally. Some people have managed 20lb. If you pay scotty $20, he'll email you every 30 minutes and remind you to eat more.

  4. He doesn't eat?

  5. right now i am taking in about 6-7 meals a day. trying to increase but its hard. its tough when you are a student.

  6. Originally posted by scotty2
    He doesn't eat?
    Shouldn't YOU be eating?

  7. Eating is not necessary when you do phs.

  8. Originally posted by scotty2
    Eating is not necessary when you do phs.
    I'm just joking man. I guess not everyone gets my humor though

  9. C'mon pogue, I know you're kidding, you think I'm serious?

  10. Originally posted by scotty2
    C'mon pogue, I know you're kidding, you think I'm serious?
    I just don't know anymore!

  11. on the last week of my t-1 pro cycle, i gained about 10 pounds. i am pleased with results.

  12. The 2 1t/4ad cycles ive done, the gains were 19 and 17lbs respectively.

  13. nice. this was my first cycle. what would be a good stack for me to try next?


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