Mauibuilt's 6 week M1,4add/1test/4ad Cycle

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  1. Mauibuilt's 6 week M1,4add/1test/4ad Cycle

    Cycle started today.

    5'7", 184 lbs, 13%ish BF

    -Lifting-6 years
    -PH's- 2 cycles (last one roughly a year ago)
    -AAS - virgin

    -See food (avoiding fast food, snacks, juice/soda) - atleast 3 whole meals and one small meal
    -3 protein shakes/day - morning, post workout, bedtime

    Each body part once a week
    Cardio 2x/week (30-45 min)

    Other supplements:
    Multi Vitamin
    L Glutamine

    1test: 300mg/day trans (133mg morning/166 mg even.)
    4ad: 300mg/day trans (166mg morning/133mg even.)
    m1,4add: increasing up to 100-120mg/day, starting at 60mg

    6 weeks (prior cycle 1test kicked in end of week 3)

    Put on lean mass with a good lbm:fat ratio (goal 3:1 after i lose the water weight)

    will increase m1,4add accordingly:
    day 1-2: 60mg
    day 3-4: 70mg
    day 5: 80
    day 6: 90
    day 7:100

    Nolva, 6oxo
    I have the 6oxo already from 1fast monster combo (the 1test/4ad is from the combo), so I figure using 6oxo along with the nolva will only help.

    I will post pics up soon and continue (hopefully if i'm not lazy) and post pics every week or two.
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  2. Looks like a great stack. i may do this one in the winter. the only thing i'm worrying about is the bloat since i get it bad on 4-ad alone and you've got M1,4ADD in the mix as well. do you care though? anyhow, good luck!

  3. I actually don't mind the bloat much as long as it doesn't affect me psychologically. I did a superone+ cycle back in the day and the bloat didn't bother me much. I'm not happy with how lean I am at 13% but hopefully I can maintain my bodyfat on the see food diet. I have a high metabolism and I do not do cardio. Now that I am going to start cardio 2x's a week, hopefully that'll keep off the extra fat from the extra calories (probably only increase cals by 500-700/day). Keep in mind i'm at 13% bodyfat, but I'm on a "see food" diet year around, eating meals loaded with carbs before bedtime pretty often and still maintain a reasonably low bf% w/no cardio. However, if the fat begins to pack on, I will clean up my diet.

  4. Well this morning I upped the dosage of the m1,4ad to 70mg/day. Nothing much to report since today is only the morning of the 3rd day being "on".
  5. tattoopierced1
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    Hopefully you'll see something. I basically had the same problem as you with the metabolism and tried a 1test/4ad transdermal from Dermabolics at 400mg/600mg per day for 6 weeks and I put on 10lbs and have kept so far 9lbs of it. Didnt really bloat off of it and kept my calories around 4000 per day. Strength went through the roof....I upped my working bench sets a good 40 pounds at least.

  6. Day 3

    Bodypart trained: Biceps/Triceps

    No strength gains as of yet but sometihng is definitely kicking in. My heart was pumping the whole workout, adrenaline was intense, and the pump was unnatural/unbeleivable.

    I noticed i've been pretty moody after my workouts...dunno why, but i'm not someone to be around come 30 minutes after my workout (usually lift around 6pm everyday) till about 2 hours later..dunno why. Also noticed an increase in hunger....from experience i've noticed oral hormones always make me hungry.

  7. Day 4 (Yesterday)

    Bodypart trained: Rest

    I am holding quite a bit of water now. I've been getting headaches everyday since i've started...maybe i'm increasing the m1,4ad too quickly. I'm currently at 80mg/day. Will increase to 100mg/day day 7. Because today was a non-training day not much to report.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by mauibuilt
    Day 4 (Yesterday)

    Bodypart trained: Rest

    I am holding quite a bit of water now. I've been getting headaches everyday since i've started.
    check your BP.

  9. Day 7 (Chest)

    Weight up 3 lbs. Strength definitely increasing and the pumps are incredible. Viens are more noticable....bloat also noticable.
  10. Day 8

    Weight still up 3 pounds.

    Strength has increased in all lifts. Workouts are incredible. Not only do I get great pumps, but i'm an animal in the gym. Intensity has increased a couple notches.
  11. day 9

    up another pound for a total weight gain of 4 pounds. Nothing new to report...pumps are still insane, strength increased on all exercises for bis/tris.

  12. keep us posted, ill be trying something similar -- I thought 4-ad and m1,4add was a no-no or not neccessary?
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  13. I'm figuring 4ad converts to test, m1,4 converts to dbol...not the same substance. However, it will cause a lot of estrogen, so i got nolva on hand if the nips get bad. Worse comes to worse i can always lower the dosage of 4ad...i can probably drop the 4ad down from 300mg to 150mg-200mg. Just listening to my body and playing it by ear.

  14. Good deal, the 4-ad & m1,4add combo was a concern for progesterone effects -- i always thought...
    Anyway keep us (me) posted.
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  15. day 11

    up another pound for a total weight gain of 5 pounds. not bad for 11 days. Strength has increased on all lifts for shoulders. Every lift for every muscle this week increased in weight. Compound lifts increased noticeably...about 10 lbs for each lift. Hunger is a problem and pimples are not. I am noticing a little hairloss...I work at a desk all day and noticed a couple strands of hair on my desk today...very uncommon.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Deoudes59
    Good deal, the 4-ad & m1,4add combo was a concern for progesterone effects -- i always thought...
    Anyway keep us (me) posted.

    I'm on my third week of M14ADD (started at 100mg now at 140mg) 1T/4AD TD (400mg/520mg) and M5AA 60mg with no sides to report other than oily skin and lots of strength/weight increase. I will be increasing to 180mg of M14ADD just to see what happens. A lot of people are asking questions as I have hideous vascularity and a huge influx of body weight to explain

    I'm not usually susceptible to gyno, so keeping nolva on hand during such a wet stack is a good idea. This is a great stack for doubt.

  17. day 12 & 13

    took time off the gym to give my body a rest....haven't weighed myself so not weight to report....will report tomorrow.

    either the 1test hasn't kicked in yet or m1,4ad/4ad is a kickass combo to fight lethargy b/c I am experiencing none at 300mg 1test/day...

    i took 200mg 1test/day and 366mg 4ad/day and i was tired all the it must be the m1,4ad

  18. today marks the 1st day of the 3rd week (day 15).

    weight up another half pound for a total weight gain of 5.5 pounds. Weight is coming along slowly, however...its consistently increased so the low weight gain at day 15 is not discouraging (only gained ~11 pounds on a 4 weeker 1test/4ad -first cycle with these compounds). Like I mentioned before, 1test does not kick in (noticeably) till the end of week 3 for me from my past experience. Weights have been increasing 5-10 pounds PER WEEK on compound lifts.

    Dosages have not changed like planned....
    100mg/day m1,4ad
    300mg/day 1test (trans)
    300mg/day 4ad (trans)

    I'm thinking sometime in week 4 i'll increase the m1,4ad dosage up to 120mg/wk if sides still remain nonexistant.
  19. day 16

    weight up another pound for a total weight gain of 6.5 pounds. Did legs today and seen a huge gain on squats, therefore compound lifts continue to increase 5-10 lbs+ per week. Sides are pretty mudch nonexistent.

    Upped the dosage of m1,4ad to 110mg/day
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  20. good log keep it up.
  21. day 17

    Took a day off today so did not step on the scale. As for body comp, its definitely changing. I am looking leaner...maybe the 1test is finally kicking in?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by mauibuilt
    weight up another pound for a total weight gain of 6.5 pounds. Did legs today and seen a huge gain on squats, therefore compound lifts continue to increase 5-10 lbs+ per week. Sides are pretty mudch nonexistent.

    Upped the dosage of m1,4ad to 110mg/day

    atta baby!! Keep eating
  23. day 18

    okay, so I thought i was getting leaner...i lied...apparently it was b/c I probably didn't drink enough water, therefore wasn't holding much water weight. Loks like I def. put the water weight back on.

    Stepped on the scale today, up another pound for a total of 7.5 pounds!! Weight gain is steadily continuing at a slow pace...

    Strength continues to increase and sides are non-existant. m1,4ad dosage still at 110mg...will up the dosage to 120mg on Tuesday (beginning of week 4) if sides are still nonexistant.
  24. day 19

    okay fellas, this cycle is definitely kicking ass in full effect now. weight up another 8.5 pounds since the start....this past week i've been averaging a 1 pound gain a day!!! strength has increased dramatically since last weeks chest session. bench press went up 20 pounds on working sets (30 pounds since the start), 15 pounds on incline press working sets and 5 pounds on fly's. this cycle is going so great i'm worried everyone at the gym will take notice and accuse me of steriods...(wouldn't be too bad if i was on steriods but i'm not)...can't imagine how steriods can get any better than this.

  25. Has the hairloss got any worse since you mentioned it on the 18th? (It's the 1-test doing this right?)
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  26. day 20

    did back today and had an awesome workout. back had an unreal pump. weight up about .3 pounds from weight gain around 8.6 pounds to be exact. Body comp is starting to change...rather than just packing on water weight, looks like I am packing on some quality muscle...strength continues to lifting buddies are really noticing that i am putting on size. i seen a friend last week and seen him again this weekend...he commented that I really filled out my shirt

    to answer your hairloss has not gotten any worse, if anything its gotten better....and when i was experiencing minor hairloss i didn't notice any thinning out or receding hair wasn't hairloss that was a problem...
  27. day 22

    well today marks half way through my cycle and the start of the 4th week. did arms what a pump!!

    weight up another half pound for a total of 9 pounds. pimples are starting to show up on my back...not a problem as long as it stays off the face.

    not much else to report...

  28. day 24

    weight up another pound for a total of 10 pounds. i am shedding a little hair now...strength gains are starting to slow down but body comp is really starting to change. m1,4ad dosage is not at 120mg/day...thinking of keeping this dosage till the end, but may increase up to 130mg/day....just playing it by ear right now.

  29. so, what's new week later?

  30. day 30

    weight weight gain still 10 pounds. however, i am noticing more body comp rather than bulk now. strength continues to increase, but much slower than the past weeks. took my first dose of nolva last night before bed (20mg)...have been noticing my nips becoming sensitive. will take another dose tonight (20mg).


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