SSL Tren 2 Extreme Cycle Log

  1. SSL Tren 2 Extreme Cycle Log

    Hey guys, just here to log ny first cycle. I'm gonna be taking SSL Tren 2 Extreme for my first cycle. I'm starting at 50mg (1 capsule) for the first 3 days, then i'm going to up it too 100mg for the next 4 days. The 3 weeks prior to that i will be taking 150mg and then the fourth week, back down to 100mg. I'll finish the bottle at 50mg/day, which should last me about 3 days. I just started this morning, took it with breakfast. Had 6 eggs and 2 FAT glasses of milk. The tren will also be accompanied by milk thistle and fish oil. I'm doing 2-a-days and decided to do shoulders and bis this morning. I somehow tore something in right forearm, trying to do preacher curls with 150lbs.... Not smart. So i took today really easy. Had to cut my morning and evening workout short because of the pain so tomorrow i'll just be doing legs in the evening. I'm 22, weigh 172 (pre cycle), and i'm about 5'11". Please comment with any concerns or suggestions!


  2. Hey man ! where did you get your Tren2Extreme? I picked mine up off a guy who had some left over a while ago, I'm not sure if they are still with in experation date. what do you think? This is probably too strong of a product for a first cycle :/ but you already kicked it off so whatever man. Whats your pct like? also, watch out for gyno. and also libido killing man. good luck!

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