Running epi cycle starting monday need advise on workout routine

  1. Running epi cycle starting monday need advise on workout routine

    Whats up all heres my stats im 32 5'5 i weigh 154lbs currently, Im starting my epi cycle on monday im gonna do a 5 to 6 week run. Looking at 30/40/40/40/40/40 my cycle history is furazadrol 5 weeks at 250mgs and h-drol 6 weeks at 50/75/75/75/75/75. Had really good results on both. Mainly what im looking to do now is break through a platue and increase stregth and decres body fat. My main question is routine, i used to do a 5 day a week bis,back,chest,shoulders,legs. Now i have a 2 month old son and a 4 year old son to getting the gym is definanitly harder. Im currenty running monday(back, bis) wensday (chest, tris) and friday (shoulders, legs). Is a three day a week routine enough to produce good results on epi? I have been reading about pulsing and i have several other products right now besides epi. I have 2 bottles of h-drol two bottles of protodrol and 13 bottles of superdrol (i stocked up). And of couse i have all the support supps in line and PCT will consist of liquid clomid and sustain alpha to boost libido and test and possibly DAA. So any thoughts on routine or pulsing would be appriciated.


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