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  1. How is the cycle going man? Got any updates?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Gethuge
    A lot of guys have not heard of the ventrogluteal injection site. Its actually a great site to inject as the muscle is not a primary mover like say quads. Here's how you locate it:

    It's the muscle located on your hip and runs down from the illiac crest to the thigh. If you locate the tronchater (hip joint) and then draw two lines from that, one to the superior (front) of the iliac crest and one to the posterior (back) you'll have a triangle centred directly ABOVE the hip joint. This is the muscle you are looking to inject into. Inject close to the centre of the triangle created and you're set. I haven't had a problem with it and there are no major veins and/or nerves in the area to hit. Hope that helps. BTW this muscle is okay to inject up to 4mls of fluid into, just in case you were wondering.
    You think you could get a pic of this area. Not quite sure where your talking about.

  3. This may help. We can link sites right? If not sorry and please delete.

  4. so far I am pleased with my progress. Lifts are going up. My job is making it hard on my diet but shakes come in handy if I have time to make them a head of time.

  5. update?

  6. My lifts are going up, veins are popping out. Chest and arms look bigger. Even with all the draw backs(i.e. stomach flu, diet because of work, etc. things seem to be moving along). If I could dial my diet in better I know things would be moving along alot faster but I am still pleased. I am using IA as my trainer and am happy with the workouts he has put me on.

  7. What about fatloss, any noticable body comp changes?

  8. I can see my abs starting to show and my face has thinned out

  9. bump.

    weight gains? strength?
    give us some #'s on your strength increases.


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