What to kickstart first test e cycle

  1. What to kickstart first test e cycle

    21, 219lbs, 17% bf

    I'm cuttin til about may to get bf down to about 10-12% and then plan on running my first test cycle! 12ish wks at 500mg/week. (I have 3 vials that i want to use so it may be slightly longer than 12 weeks). Looking to recomp more than anything.

    I stocked up on countless PHs and was wanting to kickstart for the first 4 weeks or so and can't decide what to use.

    I have: epi, sd, halo, ultradrol, dzine, trenazone, pmag, and alpha one.

    My top choices are epi sd or ultradrol. I'm worried about the toxicity of sd though.

    I've also thought about keeping it test only and kicking with test p.

    My question is what would YOU recommend to kickstart with?

  2. Either SD or Alpha One for sure
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