Second Cycle (kinda)

  1. Second Cycle (kinda)

    Hi Guys,

    New to the forum after some advice, but heres some info about me first.

    Age 26
    Height 5'4
    Weight 83kg
    BF (using machine) 16%
    Training 10 years

    Training split a/b/c/a/b/c/x/x While on cycle I was atempting to hit large muscles twice a week twenty sets both times. Starting heavy and burning out towards the end of the session.

    Previous cycle/s;

    Epi stacked with Halodrol

    IBE Epi (30/30/30/40) and Purus Labs Halovar 60 (50/50/50/50) pct Tamoxifen 40/40/20 during cycle and pct Milk Thistle, Glucosamine, omega 3 and Taurine (just finishing off PCT now)

    Other Cycles

    Some very unresearched oral AAS with test booster as PCT (looking back on it wished I hadnt of done this) Was 23ish, and very uninformed! Own fault!

    Forgetting the cycle when I was 23, the most recent cycle is the Epi and Hal. I gained about 7kg, looked firmer and slimmer. Pushed through some training plateaus! Managed to get over the 110kg bench (4 reps) and push to 120kg (5 reps). Muscles were getting tired quickly, was worried about overtraining, but at the same time concerned I wasnt training enough.

    Looking to do a cycle late Jan, start of Feb. Looking for Recomp/Cut ready in time for summer.

    Was thinking about a six week cycle of LGI 11-X 75 Caps (300/300/300/300/300/300) and Antaeus Labs Ultradrol 90 Caps (0/8/8/12/12/12) and maybe something else maybe tren or something that is not methylated, dont want to push the liver too much. But unsure, been looking around, any advice is welcome.

    Also any advice on my first cycle of Epi and Hal, should I have done something different, did I miss anything, was PCT enough, any supps I should of taken on/off cycle, etc, etc.


  2. your first cycle of epi/halo was just flat out dumb....why would you stack 2 meth's?? for your first time any anabolic (AAS/PH/DS) will be potent and powerful.....why use 2 when 1 is enough?? it will only make your next cycle require that much more.

    ultra drol and 11 oxo will make a good stack. Just take N2Gaurd or another all in one ( well add extra's to CEL cycle assist / AI life support, get the NOW brand individual stuff). Your pct of nolva, joint support, fish oil and taurine wasnt the best but at least you had a serm in there.

    for your next pct

    nolva or clomid
    HCGenerate or Phytoserms 347 (shoot even use PP's sustain alpha) but whatever you pick use a good, hi quality t booster
    AI (forma stanzol, Erase, inhibit E, etc etc)
    cortisol control (lean extreme, lean FX, Vit C, Erase)

  3. It was towards the end of the cycle I realised both were Meth and I had made an error. This is why the next cycle will contain only 1 meth top.

    When you say add the 'N2Gaurd or another all in one' I assume this is during cycle. Just having a look would Organ Shield suffice for this? Its not too expensive either (not that this matters too much, but still) I am sure I read somewhere that some of the ingredients can hinder benefits such as Saw Palmetto. Is this just BS or true? I suppose at the end of the day though my liver is more important than gains.

    I thought the Nolvadex only Pct was good enough. Will add the others for the PCT of the next cycle. I thought T Boosters were just a myth and not taken too seriously.

    Would Cortisol control be needed with taking the 11-oxo and Ultradrol? Wouldnt the 11-oxo take care of this, I may be totally missing the mark here...

    I am finding there to be alot of conflicting info out there.

    Thanks for the advice.


  4. organ shield will work but your going to need to buy a bunch of individual bottles from NOW. Just get the N2Gaurd, use "needto139" at checkout, it comes to 51 bux shipped. It will also cover you for a multi vit as it has all the same stuff in it. None of the stuff in N2Gaurd will hinder muscle gains.

    Nolva is not a good is the bare min.

    T boosters are great if you know which ones work well. cortisol wont be too much of an issue with 11 oxo but i was saying vit c for more of a general PCT.

  5. Ok so a better approach would be the following;

    LGI 11-X 75 Caps (300/300/300/300/300/300)
    Antaeus Labs Ultradrol 90 Caps (0/8/8/12/12/12)
    N2guard ran throughout
    Pct of tamoxifen at (40/40/20)
    Phytoserms 347 (looked interesting)
    Plus a AI (one which was listed)

    Hopefully this approach will give me a running chance of keeping whatever I gain in cycle! there anything you can take to increase gains during cycle? I read somewhere grapefruit juice does this as it binds to the enzyme that breaks the ph down. However this increases risk of sides. Does it increase everything retrospectively..... By that i mean is the risk of sides increased the same amount of gains. Or do the risks go up but the gains not as much.... If that makes sense.

    Plus is there anything else I can do or take?


  6. stay awar from grape fruit juice for now. it can be useful but if not used properly could be bad. Creatine taken on cycle at 12-15g's day is great. since you are ON cycle you can use a lot more than normally, take advantage.

    Risks/side effects go with up the dose. The dose will effect your gains. So the higher you dose your PH's the better gains you ll see but will experience a lot more side effects.


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