test prop/eq first cycle????????

    Hi guys, Im going to be start my first cycle on january and i got some questions. I already bought some stuff for it. Actually i read a lot about it, dont think that im a noob guy. First of all im going to use Testo Propionate and Boldenone(EQ) for 10 weeks.

    Testo prop 100mg EOD
    Boldenone(EQ) 200mg monday-thursday

    The problem is pct? people around me said a lot of different things about pct but i dont know which one is true. I check the drugs half life and the problem is after 10 weeks, there is no T in blood but i m gonig to have eq in blood for 3 more weeks. For that reason I have to wait eq for starting pct. 3 weeks without T in blood and natural process is going to be shut down.

    First idea is using T prop for 12-13 weeks and eq for 10 weeks same? With this i think i can manage half life for pct. And second idea is 8 weeks for Eq but that is not good for eq cycles. Eq cycles has to be more than 10 weeks for getting results.

    Finally how about pct? Im not in Usa and in my country we have different drugs on market. for pct im going to use Tamoxifen(nolvadex).

    1-2 weeks 40mg/day tamoxifen
    3-4 weeks 20mg/day tamoxifen
    with cycle and pct 25mg/day proviron(mesterolone)

    Am i have to use HCG(pregyln)? Some guys told me that this really good for kick start the balls. They suggest that 1500iu every 3 day for 4 times at pct time. How about this?

    Im sorry for my bad english ))

  2. use them both for 12wks. You can start pct 2wks after you last pin. IDK where you read than EQ needs more time to clear....??

    Use hcg wks 2-13 @ 250 iu 2x a wk. Nolva alone for pct will work but adding a t booster like hcgenerate and a AI like forma stanzol will make it much better.....you will recover faster and keep more of your gains.

  3. Thank you

  4. I have a other question. Does anybody know something about keto diet while on cycle? I really want to try this. Now im eating 250-300gr protein per day, 250-300gr carbs and 60-80gr fat. In keto im going to do +350gr protein, +200gr fat, 20gr carbs, lots of l-carnitine, 5gr taurine and i want to add clenbuterol to all cycle 2weeks on/off. Am I die? I want ot try keto because i cant find anything about keto and cycle on internet. And share the results.

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