My proposed future cycle

  1. My proposed future cycle

    10 week clean bulk

    1-2 20mgs/day M1T kickstart
    1-9 600mgs 1-test cyp/week
    1-10 4ad cyp or 4ad trans at 500mgs/week
    5-10 M5AA at 50mgs/day

    Nolva and HCG for PCT.

    However, I am considering using superbol throughout if it turns out to live up to the hype and substitute it for the M1T kickstart.

    Any suggestions or critiques?

  2. Why run both test cyp and 4ad in the same cycle? That seems kind of redundant...

  3. Doh, my mistake, I didn't realize that was 1-test cyp that you're running there.

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