pct help please

  1. pct help please

    i'm doing ds's 4ad cyp at 5cc every 5 days.gonna stack it with m5 for the last 4-6 weeks at around 100mg (per big petefox) probably be on for about 12 weeks depending on football season(don't wanna come down during season) my planned pct is clomid and nolva. but then i thought i remember reading that that nolva and clomid may not be the cure all pct. it depend on what A.S. used and what hormones they effect most. i'm just checking to make sure.

  2. So far from what I read from the forums you need to take some anti oxidants in addition to your Clomid or Nolva. I take Milk Thistle, and ALA for sure. I am more of the paranoid type so I also take anything that I have read of being an anti-oxidant and I throw in ZMA just in case I am low in zinc (it's so cheap anyway). Honestly for as cheap most of them are it is better safe than sorry. I have only done 2 cycles of M1t and one was for a month and the second was 2 weeks. So I am in no way the "guru" for all of it.

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