Candle25's Cut #2 Test E/Tren Ace/Winny

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  1. Candle25's Cut #2 Test E/Tren Ace/Winny

    Squats 4set @ 20,15,10,8
    Hack Squats 3set @ 12,12,10
    Leg Ext 2set @ 9,9
    Leg Curls 3set @ 15,10,8
    SLDL 3set @ 8,8,8
    Crunches 3set 25,25,25

    Flat Bench Press 4set @ 10,10,8,6
    Incline Bench Press 3set @ 8,8,6
    Weighted Dips 3set @ 10,10,10
    Close Grip Bench Press 3set @ 8,8,8
    Skullcrushers 3set @ 8,8,8

    20min HIIT

    Dead Lifts 3set @ 15,10,8
    Bent Rows 3set @ 8,8,8
    Pullups 3set @ 10,8,8
    Lat Dips 3set @ 8,8,8
    Curls 3set @ 8,8,8
    Rev Curls 3set @ 8,8,8
    Forearm Curls 2set @ 20,18
    Rev Forearm 2set @ 2

    Military Press 3set @ 8,8,8
    Side Lats 3set @ 8,8,8
    Rear Lats 3set @ 8,8,8
    Shrugs 3set @ 20,15,15
    Upright Rows 3set @ 8,8,8
    Calf Raise Standing 3set @ 20,20,20
    Calf Raise Hack 3set @ 20,20,20
    Neck Machine 3set (front & back) 10,8,8
    Crunches 3set @ 25,25,25

    20min HIIT

    The plan right now is as follows:
    Calorie breakdown: 45P/30C/25F
    Week 1 3500cal
    Week 2 3000cal
    Week 3 2500cal
    Week 4 2000cal

    Carbs will be eaten mostly before 2PM and around wo. The rest will be protein & fat.

    ON Whey protein (post wo)
    Dextrose (post wo)
    BCAA's (pre wo)
    EAA's (post wo)
    Vit C (throughout day, pre, & post wo)
    B complex (lunch)
    Multi Vit (breakfast)
    Creatine (post wo)

    AAS Stack
    Week 1-8 Test Enanthate 500mg/week
    Week 1-4, 6-8 Tren Acetate 40mg/ed
    Week 4-8 Winny 50mg/ed (oral)

    PCT will be the standard Nolva/Clomid/Clen combo.
    Flat Bench: 255
    Deadlift: 500
    Squats: 315
    This cycle is all homebrewed. I will be starting Wen.

  2. Best of luck with it bro!! I know your bulk cycle was a great success and I have no doubt that your cutting cycle will be the same.

  3. Day 2

    Weight: 177

    Todays Diet:

    My diet today was terrible. I went to a birthday party and I couldnt resist the "bad" I'll have to do better than this. My wo was OK. I'm still feeling weak from all the travelling I've been doing. I do feel better though.

    The injections have been painless so far. No soreness afterward.

  4. So you're injecting everyday, how many sites are you rotating between? Just curious.

  5. 6. I will alternate the spot that I do twice each week.

  6. Good luck bro. Just curious as to why you went w/ Test Enan over prop. Did you frontload the test?

  7. I used test E because I already had it. Yes I did frontload.

  8. You mind sharing the dose you used to frontload.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Sticks
    You mind sharing the dose you used to frontload.
    Woops. Sorry bro, I misunderstood. I'm doing straight 500mg Test E/week and 40mg Tren ed. I didn't frontload.

  10. Day 8

    Weight: 181.75

    Today's Diet:

    This injecting every day really sucks! It gets old quick. My wos are getting better and better. My drive is way up and so is agression. I can tell the tren is doing its thing. I had my BF checked today and it was at 6.5%!!! A little more to go. My weight is going up though? I can see my muscles becoming fuller too.

  11. You are already lean and cut. I think you are crazy to cut even more. However, good luck with it and I hope you achieve your goals.

  12. You started a cycle in April at 178.5lbs, 9.2% BF and ended in July. You are now starting another cycle in September at 177.5lbs, 9.7% BF. It seems like you didn't take enough time off, and you are starting out at a lighter weight and higher BF. Do you think it is worth the time, effort, and money to use AAS if something is not being done correctly? Just my opinion, but I would hold off on the gear and try to figure out what you actually want to do. Your pics look good and you are very lean, do you think maybe you are trying to keep the physique and gain weight at the same time? The thing that really worries me though is the time you took off between these cycles. You have to put your health above everything else. No flame intended, just critical advice.

  13. Thanks guys. I know I'm already lean. I have a photoshoot on Oct 1-3 for "Mens Health" & "Mens Fitness" and they want me at 4%BF. I also know that I started another cycle a little soon. I was on 12 weeks and off 8 or 9 weeks. After I finish this cycle and the paid shoots I have lined up, I plan on taking off for a while and bulking for a full year. Mostly natural.

  14. Day 10

    Weight: 184

    Todays Diet:Ódle25

    I spent the last 2 days in Orlando Florida. Hurricane I found a great gym called Metro Muscle that I used while I was there. My wo's kicked a$$! Motivation and agression is even higher. My body is as hard as a rock too. Libido has increased too! Strenght is going up as well. I also hit a vein again. First time on this cycle. When I asperated blood just flowed right into the syringe. 1" in the quad and I had to pull out and go it again!

  15. sweet dude

    keep us updated,,,im lovin the log

  16. I'll post a pic or two as soon as I get my CDs from Florida.

  17. ok cool

  18. Day 14

    Weight: 187

    Todays diet:

    Things are going well. Pumps are awesome! My weight is still going up too. However, I'm starting to show gyno development in my right nipple. Same as last cycle. I'm starting Nolve treatment tonight. 80mg for a week then down to 40 untill it goes away.

  19. I agree with're crazy. Dude, I'd kill to be able to get, and stay cut like you are able to. You photo whore. I'm sure you're cycle will be a successful one. I look forward to following this. Best of luck to you.

  20. Thanks bro. I'll have some kick a$$ pics soon to show ya.

  21. Day 17

    Weight: 187

    Todays Diet:

    A lot to report today. OK, first off, the gyno has seemed to slow down in development and is hopefully starting to go away. I'll keep you all informed on that.

    To all you peole who say that Tren makes you agressive and mean...YOU ARE RIGHT!!! I've been having to make a big effort to refrain from saying 90% of the things that come into my Not to mention things I think of doing. It's Ok though, I'm mature enough to handle it. I've done it before.

    The workouts are still going well. The added agression is helping me push through those last reps. The pumps I'm getting are crazy! I thought I had injured my lower back Mon after doing squats. It was very painful. Now I realize after working arms today that the pumps are so intense that they hurt. At my low BF and with the vascularity I have, this hardness is making me look awesome.

    Libido is going off the charts again. My girl is quite pleased with that androgenic My appetite has also went crazy. I feel like I could eat a house all the time. Could be because I'm so far below my maint calories. All I know is that food has never been so good. It has been hard to stick to my diet, but I have for the most part.

    One last thing, I've decided to cut out cardio all together. I know it's good for ya, but I don't have to do it to lose fat. My freaky metabolism sucks when I bulk, but I love it when I'm cutting.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by candle25
    Day 17

    One last thing, I've decided to cut out cardio all together. I know it's good for ya, but I don't have to do it to lose fat. My freaky metabolism sucks when I bulk, but I love it when I'm cutting.
    You are a bastard-lol, keep up the good work, things are looking good

  23. Day 21

    Weight: 185

    Todays diet:

    OK. All the gear has "kicked in" now. Same as last time on Enan. 3 weeks. My strength has gone up nicely. I had a very solid wo today. I feel great!

  24. Day 25

    Weight: 188.5

    Todays Diet:

    Everything is still going great! I had to puch my wos 2 days back due to a fashion show I modeled in in ATL Wen & Thurs night. Today was back and bis and I was able to hit or come close to my all time Bulking max lifts. My weight is still going up too. This is the craziest cut cycle yet.

    OK, by popular demand...It's photo time. The frontal pics turned out bad, so here are some others till I get some better ones.
    Attached Images Attached Images   

  25. Day 30

    Weight: 185.5

    Todays Diet:

    I feel great!!! I started the winny a few days ago. Muscle hardness and striation is way up. I hate this last month of this diet though. I'm starving to I'm still having gyno issues. Not too bad, but it's there. Lifts are good. Not as strong as when I bulk, but still good. Libido is way up too.


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