Candle25's Cut #2 Test E/Tren Ace/Winny

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  1. update?

  2. Hey candle....don't leave us hanging like this man. How's the cycle going?

  3. Sorry everyone. I've been super busy. Modeling, traveling, working. Anyhow...I'll wrap this cut up with 1 picture. I think it says enough.
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  4. Very nice, Bro.

  5. whats your bf and end weight?

  6. In that shot I was at 4% BF and 180 lbs. I'm well into a bulk now so the abs are gone. I have like a 4 pack I might start a new bulk thread once I start the juice next month. I'll be using Test E, Deca, & Dbol. I expect to break 200 lbs this time.
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  7. Wow you are deffenatley a juicer another cycle layed out already I see.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by BryanM
    Wow you are deffenatley a juicer another cycle layed out already I see.
    Are you being facetious?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BryanM
    Wow you are deffenatley a juicer another cycle layed out already I see.
    Just well planed. After years of training I have found that planing can make all the difference to reaching your goals or failing.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by BryanM
    Wow you are deffenatley a juicer another cycle layed out already I see.
    WTF kind of comment is that?

    As always Candle, good job bro. Glad to see you positing back on the board again. Looking forward to following your next log.

  11. Thanks bro. I'm spending more time at work now so I can post

  12. I meant no disrespect at all guys.

    Its cool im the same way just found it funny that theres someone out there like me also I cant stand it when im off.

    I guess you could venture to say im borderline addicted but its not outa control....................... ....yet.

    You look pretty ripped in that shot man I cant even imagine getting to 4%

    What are your ultimate goals candle?

    I personally want to get to around 180-185 pounds LBM and I think I will be done with the juice.

  13. Well, I hope to get to around 250 at 4% BF for summer & 300 or so at 8-10% BF for winter. I did some runway with some of the Atlanta Falcons linebackers and I realized that I don't want to be massive. It's hard to do anything but fitness modeling if you are that big. So I think 250 at my height would be a nice size. I gained 20-30 solid mass last year. I hope to do better this year.

  14. Looking very good but there isnt a chance in the wind that your 4% in that pic.

  15. I have my BF checked by caliper at my gym. I know that isn't the most accurate method, but regardless it helps me see what my progress is. So what would you deduce my fat to have been at that time? What qualifies you to make that estimate? It's realy trivial to me, but just for kicks I'd like to hear your opinion.

  16. if you can get to 250 and stay lean like that, then you should start competing. good luck .

  17. Cool to hear from ya Size. Maybe one day. It will take a few years to get to that size lean. When I hit over 200 this time I'll be carrying a lot of fat. I'm sure you've seen all my other bulk & cut threads over the last year or so. I'm still learning and adjusting my training based on experiance. I hope to do better than I have before this go around.

  18. I'd probably give you at the lowest 6%.

    One of the most accurate ways to aquire a correct BF% is to ask someone with a trained eye. I'm not an expert by nay means but the lowest BF% anyone can attain is around 4% and you are not nearly shredded enough for that. Abs would be far more defined and striations would be ridiculous. Just look at pictures of BB-ers in PEAK contest shape.

    I mean it doesn't really matter- you look superb- but it's just a pet peeve of mine when people stroll around wildly underestimating BF%'s.

  19. Thanks for the compliments and for sharing your opinion. I understand your being irritated by false or unreal statements. I don't even read other peoples posts anymore because of them.


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