GOING4SWELL gets his swell on with NTBM's RS-Transaderm!!!! Possibly add Ultradrol?

  1. GOING4SWELL gets his swell on with NTBM's RS-Transaderm!!!! Possibly add Ultradrol?

    Hey guys i have just picked up some NTBM's RS Transaderm. I have never ran this stuff before but i have read great things about it, and im excited to log this and show you guys what this stuff can do. I will also be taking at least 2 caps of Erase a day to control estrogen. After three weeks of the transaderm i was thinking of adding 3 weeks of ultradrol, on top of the erase and the transaderm. This all depends on what is going on in my life, i have not made a descision yet on the Ultradrol.

    Age: 21
    Height: 5 11
    Weight: 215
    BF%; 12%
    Lifting experience: i have been lifting for 5 years, i have been lifting and living the bodybuilding lifestyle for 2.5 of the 5 years, i would say the first 2.5 years i was un educated and had a lot to learn.
    max bench: 300
    max squat: 405

    The ultimate goal of this cycle will be a winter bulk. My goal is to weigh 225 and stay around the same body fat %. Obviously if i add Ultradrol to the cycle my expectations will change.

    Optimum nutrition's Amino Energy
    Creatine mono 5g a day
    Fish oil 6g a day
    htp-5 200mg a day
    Gaspari MyoFusion
    Kirkland premium performance multi vitamin 2 pills a day
    Erase 3 caps a day
    Transaderm (starting with 5 pumps, will probably up to 6 or 7 in a week or so

    Right now i have been experimenting with HIT training because i have never tried it and i figured it would shock my body. I am currently doing the "AGS-10" workout, similar to dorian yates. I am not sure if i have liked this so far though, i have lost almost ten pounds since staring this program, so i might switch back to a MAX OT style of training which has seemed to work the best for me. I will let you guys know if i decide to switch things up.

    During this cycle i will be shooting for 4,200 calories a day and about 300 grams of protein a day, my diet consists of a lot of tuna, beef, chicken, eggs and cottage cheese. For carbs i like to eat rice cakes, whole grain bread, and brown rice. I will be throwing a lot of food down the hatch and will estimate caloric intake daily.

  2. solid idea .what pct do you have lined up if you use the UL?

  3. DAY 5:Hey guys, just finishing up day 5 on the Transaderm and i am loving it. Libido is up for sure, my body temp seems to be up as well, i seem to be leaning out while holding building muscle.
    Today i completed a leg workout:
    Hack squats 315x6 315x6 315x6
    3 sets of hammy curls
    2 sets of quad curls
    4 sets of calves
    2 sets of heavy leg press

    Energy seems to be way up, felt like i could go all day.
    Pumps were alot bigger than previous workouts, overall really loving this stuff so far.
    Also weights seemed a bit lighter.

    Ate like a hoss today, will jump on the scale tomorrow and see where i am at weight wise.
    Keeping it around 4k calories a day, will let you guys know if anything changes.

    Really loving how fast this stuff dries and how easy it is to apply.
    Hopefully we will start to see some great results in these coming weeks.

    Hitting the gym HARD tomorrow morning, back and bi's, will update immediately following my workout

    Also, what do you guys think of products such as N2SLIN or Slin Sane? Are they worth the investment?

  4. Yes have Toremifene on hand, as well as cycle assist and liver longer. Will probably dose the toremifene like this: 120/90/60/30.

  5. Will also purchase DAA and most likely HCGenerate if i decide to add the Ultradrol. If i add the Ultradrol i will most likely be dosing it at 8mg a day.

  6. I'm in for this bro! Should be fun!
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

  7. DAY 6 (pre-workout update)
    Hey guys, just finished eating my breakfast,
    16 oz plain non fat greek yogurt
    1 plain bagel
    strawberry cream cheese
    I took all of my typical morning pills as well, about to hit the shower then apply the Transaderm, then i am off to the gym for bis and back, will report back after my workout.
    Will also weigh myself at the gym today.

  8. DAY 6 (post workout report)
    Well, i made the awful mistake of weighing myself prior to my workout, weighed in at 210, this is extremely disappointing for me but it is due to my AWFUL diet last week, getting back on track here. Although my body weight has decreased about 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks my strength seems to be up a little bit. My shirt felt much looser in the gym, and the pumps were great.
    Here is what my workout today looked like:
    Lat pulldowns: 210x6 220x6 200x6
    Bent over row (reverse grip): 185x6 205x6
    Seated pulley rows: 240x6 230x6
    Wide grip pull-ups: BodyweightX6 bodyweightX4
    Alternate dumbbell curls: 55x12 55x11
    Barbell curls: 110x6 110x4
    Bent over reverse flyes: 25x10

    The transaderm feels like its really starting to kick in, i have noticeably more energy and a great feeling tightness that i get in my traps after applying the transaderm. Really liking this stuff, libido is still up, energy up, body temp seems higher and i am defenitly shedding fat. The Erase seems to be getting rid of ALL of the water weight i was holding, i am now taking 3 caps a day and i am liking the results, with these two together i achieve a great sense of well being and i am feeling anabolic all day. Sleep also seems to be much deeper and i also think that it has been much easier for me to get to sleep since starting this stack.

    Just got back from the gym, eating a big bowl of special k protein plus and skim milk, then i am off to the store to grab some whey.
    Going to try to get down 4300 "clean" calories down today, have 5 chicken breasts to prepare, brown rice, oatmeal, tuna salad, eggs, and turkey. I have a ton of work to get through today so i will be sitting at my desk eating/working.

    A big thanks to those who are subscribed to my first log here!!! If you guys have any suggestions please let me know, i am open to any.

  9. Awesome updates so far man! Keep killing it bro!
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

  10. Quote Originally Posted by RickRock13 View Post
    Awesome updates so far man! Keep killing it bro!
    Thanks for the support!! I have been reading your current log as well, just found it today!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by GOING4SWELL

    Thanks for the support!! I have been reading your current log as well, just found it today!
    Awesome! Good to have you bro
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

  12. Day 7
    I had a GREAT chest and tri workout today, i have also been consuming over 4k calories a day, so i am feeling really good in the gym.
    The pumps were intense today, i am noticing an all day feeling of increased muscle hardness and density, which is nice.
    My workout looked like this today:
    incline bench press- 185x6 185x6
    2 sets of machine press
    2 sets of a "wide chest" bench press, with 3 plates
    2 sets of machine tricep pushdown (all of the weight on the machine)
    2 sets of standing cable tricep pushdown, using about 85 pounds
    all sets were between 4 and 6 repetitions

    I am loving the transaderm so far, feeling a lot stronger and feeling great all day.

  13. Day 8

    Today has been a good rest day, i felt great after applying my transaderm this morning. The one side effect i have noticed is that i am beginning to break out a bit in the area i keep applying it, no big deal, not worried about it. Going to hit the gym HARD tomorrow with a shoulder workout,


    Eating at least 300 grams of protein a day, will update tomorrow!!!!!


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