weight gain

  1. weight gain

    hey guys im new to aas on my 2nd cycle and still learning and experimenting. my first cycle was dianabol only for a month. i gained 3 pounds a week and kept 5 after my pct which was just nolvadex 40/20/20. i researched for a couple months and decided to try test prop and oral winstrol for my second cycle. this is how i am running it
    weeks 1-8 125cc test prop
    weeks 1-3 40mg winstrol
    weeks 7-8 40mg winstrol
    pct nolvadex 40/40/20/20
    the reason i decided no winstrol on weeks 4-6 was just for a small break on liver
    i am two weeks in right now and the first week i gained 6lbs. the second i stayed the same weight so my question is this normal? i felt for sure i would have gained at least a couple of pounds but nothing. my stats are
    age 23
    height 5'10"
    weight 180
    bf 18%
    any help would be appreciated i'm here to learn

  2. Are you only running 125mg of test a week? That is way to little dude, you need to bump that up to 350-600 imo, u would probably be ok around 400-450mg. Second 8 weeks is 4-8 weeks too short dude, the winny is something I would take for 6 weeks straight not take a break. I would also run it at the end, but thats me. Also how often are u injecting the prop, you need to do it x3 a week. Also i would prob do inject-able winny? Also how much r u eating? what r u trying to accomplish? how long u been lifting man?

  3. yeah i should have been more clear i am injecting 125ml EOD and so 3 times one week 4 times the next. and as for the winny i got a super deal on the oral so i just went with that. i dont really count cals or have a particular schedule for eating i try to eat high protein and mostly all natural foods esp before and after i work out. doesnt always work out that way but for the most part i eat alot and i am hoping for 10 pounds after my pct and everything is done. i have been lifting for 7 years but only more serious the last 3.

  4. u need to run your gear longer

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