Doing EPI 2A3A cutting cycle!!!?!(stats+ pics/INFO)

  1. Doing EPI 2A3A cutting cycle!!!?!(stats+ pics/INFO)

    ok first off I mainly lurk and learned a lot from this site on what is proper and what isnt proper when starting out with cycles.....anyway this place has helped me do a hdrol cycle I finished it by itself, and now I was planning on doing Epi as a cut in a few months but want to make sure my cycle looks right but more importantly my PCT looks to be on track or if its to much.

    should I preload with cel cycle assist? or is it not needed as I am taking epi by itself and it should be mild minus joint
    epi 2A3A 30/30/30/40/40

    clomid 75mg/50/50/25

    now my stats I am 5ft7 weight around 190ish...goal is to lower BF while keeping strength and muscle gains...I guess i cant post pics yet

  2. I used Epi 2a3a before and it was solid! Gained 7lbs of good quality muscle. Ran it for 30 days. Started with 20 mgs then went to 30mg's then 40 and 40mg's (weekly). Best of luck!

  3. Souns good, now is my Pct good? or do I need more or less? I think its good but wanna make sure

  4. I would run your SERM with a natty test booster.



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