M14e cycle questions

  1. M14e cycle questions

    A good friend of mine gave me a bottle of purus labs discontinued m14e. How should I dose this?

  2. From what I have read I would go with what is recommended on the bottle 2 caps a day I was also thinking about running a cycle of this here soon. If anyone with experience in running this cycle could chime in, would be awesome so....bump! Cause I would also like to know.

  3. yeah. Id run as they say on the bottle. I ran this a few years back. I cant remember how much of each compound was in there but I did open up a bottle of epistane I had and added a pill or 2 of that.


  4. What kinda gains are we looking at? And could we bridge this to like stanodrol?

  5. Thanks for the quick reply Johny, that's kinda what I was thinking too. I did a little bit more research and it sounds like you may be able to up to 3 a day depending on your ph/steroid history if you have done alot of cycles in the past you may be able to bump it up. There is alot of good info under supplement companies/purus labs thread for this PH. G'luck with your cycle Ngen52

  6. Thanks man! Ru bridging to stanodrol?

  7. Gains...well...I blew up, make sure you gave your macros down, I put fat on way too quick!!!


  8. Nah, I am just going to stick with the epistane and M 1 4 and see how it goes. I feel I have to use it up, because I heard the epistane in it doesnt have a very long shelf life maybe 6 months past expiration date, and the bottle I have expired in September. So shooting for a cycle here in december.

  9. Gave your macros down?

  10. I meant "GET" your macro(nutrients) down...Geesh...everyones a critic..LOL


  11. I just didn't get it! My bad big guy!

  12. LOL...its all good man. I type on my girls laptop at night in bed sometimes and well, sometimes words come out that I didnt mean to put.




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