havoc/trenazone vs sd/trenazone 6 week stack

  1. havoc/trenazone vs sd/trenazone 6 week stack

    bf-not sure 20-25
    age is not really 15, its 25

    This is my third run, first was hdrol which was okay then I ran havoc for 5 weeks and took mdrol for the last 2 weeks, pulsed it on week 4 then week 5 at 10mg ed because I was only using one bottle of havoc and at the dosages I was using I wasn't seeing much results, dosing for havoc was 20/20/30/30/30, havoc started to kick in late week 3, did see very good gains however, solid 20-25 pounds... probably like 15 lean mass, keeping diet in better check this time around, have yet to experience a neg side, also my goals for this are mostly strength and size, not worried about cutting too much, but don't want to gain fat and losing fat would be a plus. currently leaning towards havoc/tren, but decided to come get some other input.

    plan for next run would either be
    havoc- 30/30/40/40/50/50
    trenazone- 1ml/1ml/1ml/1.5ml/1.5ml/1.5ml


    sd- 10/20/20
    trenazone- 1ml/1ml/1ml/1.5ml/1.5ml/1.5ml

    the only reason I'm thinking of stacking the sd is to extend the cycle so my gains wont disappear so easily, I do believe I am prone to gyno because I got prolactin gyno during puberty but has gone. I am over cautious with my support supplements and pct so that's taken care of,
    however I used nolva for pct last time and it worked great, but seeing as how torem's price is down I want to run that for this pct, how long should run the torem for? would 5 weeks at 90/60/60/30/30 be appropriate?

    also, since I believe I'm gyno prone should I run an ai eod/low dose or would that be to much? my buddy does have letro on hand if it comes down to it I could use that, I would also have nolva and torem on hand

    any criticism or advice appriciated
    thanks, Casey

  2. Lol rewrite the thread with actual age at the top or nobody will reply to this

  3. havoc- 30/30/40/40/50/50
    trenazone- 1ml/1ml/1ml/1.5ml/1.5ml/1.5ml

    this, take vitex, p5p, L-dopa for anti prolactin support (while ON cycle). Also use an AI ON cycle. Use your torem dosing and add HCGenerate/ Erase/ DAA to your pct. you will recover quickly. Also use N2Gaurd while on....you ll need a all in one support.

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