Phat Guy stacks M1D Black/Ultradrol - Part 2

  1. Phat Guy stacks M1D Black/Ultradrol - Part 2

    *This is a continuation of my first Ultra/Black log which I ended up cutting short due to BP issue. I am bringing my dosage down to a more moderate range and staggering the start of each by a week to keep everything in check. I will try to update it once a week.

    Cycle: Ultradrol – Weeks 1-3 (20 days total)
    M1D Black – Weeks 2-4 (20 days total)
    Formula-X, Titanium XL, Erase & Clomid – Weeks 5-8


    329 lbs. - Body Fat… Decreased a bunch but yea, I carry a keg around.
    Age: 36

    AL/AH/AnaBeta Log: Phat Guy's AL/AH/AnaBeta 8 wk Recomp
    Size Matters - Ultra/M1D Black Stack:

    Personal Info – I teach high school History, going on 18 years now. WoW-syndrome killed my waist line, not to mention that I got married and now have a 2 year old. Health, Blood Work, Diet and Experience posted in the previous logs. Recommitment date – May 25th 2011 and the games are just restarting.

    I had BP issues with the first phase of Ultra/M1D Black stack after three weeks. I called it quits not willing to risk anything for my guinea pig habit. I’ve re-adjusted my dosages and am starting over.

    Part 2:

    Starting with the Ultra at 8mg per day for 20 days, after doing the 12mg with the stack I am hesitant to go any higher at this time due to BP. This will be followed and stacked by the Black at 2am/2lunch/2pre/2post dosing. PCT will be a stack of Athletix/PES/Clomid with a two to three month off time.

    Goals for Part 2:

    • Nothing really, I am just happy to continue and finish things at lower dosages.


    Ultradrol: 1 AM/ 1 Pre WO or in the afternoon
    M1D Black: 4 AM/ 4 Pre WO or in the afternoon
    Formula X – 1 Scoop Pre WO or in the AM on non WO days
    Titanium XL – 2 AM and 2 PM
    Erase – 1 AM, 1 Lunch, 1 PM (3/3/3/2/1)
    Clomid – 100/100/100/100 (if I can find my pill cutter 100/50/50/50)

    Additional Supplements:

    MusclePharm Assalt: 2 servings Pre WO
    MusclePharm Armor-V: 1 serving in AM – only running for first 4 weeks
    Himalaya Liv.52 – 1 AM / 1 PM
    Dr.’s Best SAM-e – 400 mg. in AM at wake-up – For both liver protection and mood enhancer
    SciFit Kre-Alkalyn 1500 – 2 AM, 2 Pre W.O.
    SciFit Gluta-Lyn 1500 – 2 Pre WO, 2 Post W.O.
    NOW Vitamin D – 5000 UI

    Work Out Schedule:

    M – Chest and Bi’s, 20 min Cardio
    T – Legs and Calves, 20 min Cardio
    W – Off, Family Time
    Th – Shoulder’s and Traps, 20 min Cardio
    F – Back and Tri’s, 20 min Cardio
    S/S – Off, Family Time

    *Updates will follow each Sunday if things work out as planned.
    ** Switched dosing for Black to 2/2/2/2 to match up with when I eat.
    *** Dosing switch back to the original 4/4 on 11/20/11
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    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  2. Week 1: Oct 30

    Weight: 329

    Strength: Think I have been lucky and not hit a plateau since I started recommitment. Continuing to add weight, sets, or reps each time I hit the gym. PR on incline press this week, mean shoulder/trap workout, and I obliterated my tri’s as well.

    Energy/Focus: So far so good on the energy. Focus has skyrocketed to the point I just want to keep going and have to tear myself away after an hour to hour and half to make sure the wife isn’t pissed.

    Sides: Nada

    Comments: My wife is going to hate me when the weight takes off… My snoring is really bad when I get over 330. Previous wrist injury is healing nicely but I’m sure it has taken a toll on my lifts. Feeling great, lots of focus, and can’t wait to get to the gym. Legs extremely sore all week… Guess that’s what I get for reintroducing squats.
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  3. Sorry if this comes out looking odd. All of my browsers are declaring war on AM and stating the DNS is bad...

    Week 2: Nov 6

    Weight: 334 (+5)

    Strength: Increasing. Great leg workout which kept me waddling around the rest of the week.

    Energy/Focus: Both are excellent. I can’t wait to get to the gym every afternoon.

    Sides: Uncontrollable pumps that last forever. Temper is a bit short at times. Generating more heat than normal. Appetite before bed has increased. Lower back pumps are noticeable.

    Comments: Added the M1D Black this week. I also got my hands on some Iron Mag Labs ‘Halo Extreme’. Will be adding that at 1 in the AM and 1 Pre-WO this week and run it for four weeks total. Though staggered a bit, the weight gain I am seeing is about the same as it was with both stacked. I’m feeling good, no BP issues. Now that I am over 330, the snoring has not kicked in like before. The wife is happy right now. Not sure how long that will last. Everything else is manageable.
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  4. good luck mate, i always wondered if using supps and building muscle would help drop weight quicker then pure cardio cardio cardio.
    you would think that the extra muscle repair and growth would help chew thru the fat. i have heard many bad things about WoW!

  5. Very interested in hearing your thoughts on M1-D as a test base during your cycle. I will be starting a SD/EPI 7-8 week bridged cycle in 2-3 weeks and i will be using 2 bottles of M1-D Black as well. Really hoping that the inclusion will help us ward off lethargy, shutdown (libido), and help solidify gains throughout PCT and post PCT. Subbed fo sho!

  6. Subbed.
    Interesting bro.
    RecoverBro ELITE

  7. Due to the real, time for cardio has really taken a turn towards "I'm not doing it". With that, yes, I do believe that the additional muscle I've been putting on has actually started to ramp up the metabolism and I have been seeing quite a bit of a change in my face, feet, ankles, shoulders and arms. Definately not flabby, nor does it look like water weight, and I'm feeling pretty damn solid lately. The keg though is another issue but not one that I can complain about. Though it is still there, pants/shorts are definately have become looser .

    After tweaking my dosages from the first run, this second one at a more moderate level has been great. The BP is definately in check which me and the Dr. are glad to see. As for lethargy, I have had absolutely none and I am nearing the halfway point. Libido is still going strong as well. So, yes, I do feel like the M1D Black is helping out and keeping me going. I will keep this in mind as I progress through the next three weeks.

    Next regular update should be late Saturday or early Sunday.
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  8. Week 3: Nov 13

    Weight: 339 (+10)

    Strength: Increasing either outright or with the addition of sets/reps. I have made considerable gains this round with incline bench, seated rows, leg presses and tricept pushdowns.

    Energy/Focus: Feeling good until Wednesday this week. Focus while in the gym is still very good. Walking out of the gym with a ****-eating grin is always a great feeling! The problem is lethargy throughout the day. It’s creeping up on me and the only time I’m not feeling it is when I am in the gym and focused on lifting. Hoping that with Thanksgiving break next week I’ll be able to sleep and relax my way through things.

    Sides: Pumps continue to be crazy. Temper still a bit short but manageable. Heat has subsided. Appetite increased so it’s a large casin shake before bed (last week it was a large pizza or peanut butter sandwiches…) Lower back pump is there but these are related to me squatting again and is a mild strain. Vascularity and muscle hardness has increased – seeing veins I’ve never thought possible (remember my BF% is quite high). No acne and I’ve started to grow my hair out again – nothing noticeable there. A bit of lethargy towards the middle of the week (late Tuesday/early Wednesday) which kicked my ass by Friday evening. This is the exact same time that it hit during my first round of this stack, right before my BP went through the roof. We’ll see how things go into next week without the Ultradrol.

    Comments: End of the Ultradrol this week so the rest of this will be Black and Halo for one more week and then Halo for one. This is the point in round 1 that the BP went over the top and I had to call it quits. Currently everything is going well even with the addition of the Halo and the increasing lethargy. Recovery time from day to day has really diminished as well as overall muscle soreness. Sleeping like a baby AND no complaints about snoring from my wife!!! This is the heaviest I have ever been. The crazy part has been it is NOT in the waistline. Shoulders and thighs are definitely wider and thicker, arms are much more solid, as well as my chest. Already starting to think about what I will do come February or March of next year. Wife made a comment about my shoulders looking a lot wider Thursday morning before work… Guess things that I have been noticing are now getting others attention. That’s definitely a positive.

    ** Again, the lethargy sucks and it has occurred at the same place as it did the first time I stacked Black and Ultra. I am hoping it diminishes now that the Ultra is finished up. Due to this issue, I don’t see Black being an effective test base to ward off sluggishness though it still may be good for keeping the gains I’ve made – we’ll see what it has in store with the Halo this next week.
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  9. Week 4: Nov 20

    Weight: 336 (-3)

    Strength: Up. Personal best for incline press at 370 lbs for 3 reps this week.

    Energy/Focus: Feeling good in the gym, lethargy settled down, and temper has diminished.

    Sides: Libido is still rolling. Lethargy again has settled down. Hairline has not been affected. Acne, none to speak of. Pumps are still an all day thing for me, what an addicting feeling. By Wednesday this week my face, hands, and feet were very bloated. And since I ended the Ultra, my joints have been aching.

    Comments: Week started out rough with me not feeling well and not eating like I have been which caused me to lose a bit this week. Appetite has started to diminish and I am finding that I am forcing myself to eat… Three days after finishing Ultra, the lethargy diminished greatly. Back is still giving me fits.

    Going to wrap it up a week early with the back issues and not being able to get into the gym.

    PCT - Clomid running at 50 for 4 weeks, Formula-X, Titanium XL, and Erase for 4. I am glad to be in the final stretch.
    Halfway point reflection: Size is definitely there. Strength increase was very, very good; it’s a challenge for me to increase any sort of bench lifts but I’ve been able to bring my incline press up from 185 for 6 reps to 370 for 3 reps in the course of Round 1 and Round 2. In short, it’s quite amazing. The one drawback is the lethargy I experienced during the course of both Rounds. If I could combat that effectively, I would definitely do this again without hesitation.

    January I’ll be looking into adding another 4 weeks of Form-X & Titanium XL as well as Alpha-T2 & OxyElite Pro for the month as I start to get things in order to begin dropping the added lbs. Focus will be to begin each WO with cardio for 30 minutes followed by weights with whatever time I still have before I need to get home to the family. I’ll see about doing a log for this stack. I’ve never been good at dieting/cutting but I’m up for a good challenge right now. In Feb or March, PP’s V3 Lean/Hard/Drive for 8 weeks is a sure thing. I think my joints and back would love me if I did so… 340+ is doable but not comfortable anymore.
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  10. Week 5: Nov 27 - Last Update for this.

    Weight: 342.25 (+12.25)

    Strength: Still going up or staying pretty even. Another PR on Incline Press this week.

    Energy/Focus: Great, I really am enjoying the Formula-X.

    Sides: Lethargy is about gone. Back pumps have settled down immensely. Yes, I did strain it due to squatting to heavy but I believe the Halo intensified the issue to the point I could not tolerate anymore. The pumps I have had this week are insane for being in full PCT mode. I presume it’s the Formula-X. I have to say I’m enjoying the pumped and full feeling my muscles are providing.

    Comments: This is my first run with Formula-X and I am already impressed. Strength is maintaining itself and the pumps have been ridiculous. I love it when I find a product that does work. This will definitely become a staple of ‘must have’ supplements. Think I will continue to use it as a pre-W.O. supp in the future.

    This coming week, I am going to start into my cutting routine. It will be something new to me since I’ve never been one to want/have to lose weight. My joints are just not cut out to carry this much right now. Researching more on Lean Gains, the thought process seems right, and it fits into my schedule.

    New log will be for Alpha T2 / OxyElite stacked with my PCT until the end of Dec with a continuation of Alpha/Oxy through the end of Jan.
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.


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