Deca, Tren E, Test E Cycle

  1. Deca, Tren E, Test E Cycle

    I have been back and forth from (Tren E 400mg wk, Test E 500mg) to (Deca 500mg wk, Test E 500mg wk) on and off for the last 10 months. Never have really cycled off, just took a couple 3 or 4 week breaks in that time peroid. I just started taking 2iu ed of GH 4 weeks ago.When i started 10 months ago I weighed 150 and I now weigh 178 at 5'7" 33years old. Im stuck at that wieght and would like to gain another 15 lean lbs. Should I change what I am taking or just take more? what do you think about the cycle itself and the length of time that I have been on?
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  2. well whenever you come off you need to do a pct in order to recover properly, idk how your libido is but I imagine it isnt all that great.

    Have you ever got bloods done?? before starting again you need a full hormone panel done so you can asses where your at.

    than some time off would be in order first, than once you have had a break from the needle and bloods showing you are GTG to start again, do so.

    give us some more info about yourself and your recent history of AAS use.

  3. before we go about how to increase weight lets know your starting bodyfat, and bodyfat now.

    pictures maybe aswell.

    you may be able to enjoy the same weight but get much leaner especially with tren.

  4. I am currently taking 100mg tren Acetate Every third day and 500mg test E every other tren shot, so every sixth day. I hate to come off right now because I'm also doing two iu GH, ed. Should I still go get my bloods done now? I'm not sure what my BF was before but it's wasn't much, and it's still pretty low now. I'm not sure how to measure it at home so I guess I could get that checked as well. I'll try to get some pics posted. Thanks

  5. Also wanted to get a little input on what everyone thinks about sight injections? Does it really make a difference in targeting certain areas?

  6. That's a good question. I always go for the ass or leg, I think it's easier then the chest or arm. If you get some good feed back can you forward it to me? Thanks! You are doing the same stack I have. This is my first stack.

  7. I measured my BF online and got 4 different results. The average was 12%

  8. Can't you get it done at your gym? Like me , I always forget about checking my body fat once I'm in the gym.


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