Thinking about running this cycle, any thoughts

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    Thinking about running this cycle, any thoughts

    Test cypionate(2,800mg)
    200mg every 4 days for 8 weeks
    (14 injections of 200mg)

    Oral turinabol (2000mg)
    50mg a day for last 40 day's of Test cypionate cycle

    Oral Nolvadex (560mg)
    20mg a day for 4 weeks

    Clomid ?

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    so 375mg of Tes P?? 50mg of t bol?? its okay, but 450-500mg of test for 7wks would be better. Also start the T bol day 1 of the cycle rather than the last 40 days. Nolva for pct is good but dose it 40/20/10/10

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