Beastdrol Starter Pack

  1. Beastdrol Starter Pack

    Has anyone completely used the Beastdrol starter pack consisting of:
    1 Beastdrol
    1 Forged Liver Support
    1 Forged Post Cycle
    1 Forged Joint Repair
    1 Forma Stanzol
    1 Beastdrol T-Shirt

    Is the PCT enough? Or would it be better to just run a serm?

  2. You'll need a serm

  3. I would add the SERM to it. Beastdrol is about as harsh as it gets
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

  4. add a serm to that package. you ll be set

    beast, forged joint, forged liver

    use the rest in pct, w/a serm

  5. do you think the price is right as far as the stack? seeing as how on mr. supps you can get 2 for 70?

  6. 2 stand alone beastdrols that is

  7. build your own stack/cycle. Take advantage of the BOGO tho

  8. Where can i find a serm?

  9. just wear the T-shirt for PCT, should be good enough (you didn't need to include it in the stack)

  10. I copied the whole thing haha

  11. get a SERM, i ran SD 10/20/30/30 and used the following for PCT and felt fine after about a week into it

    torem: 120/90/60/30
    DAA: 3g day
    Endoamp: 1 scoop day
    Erase: 0/0/2/3
    Toco-8: 2 scoop day
    Sustain alpha: 10ml day

  12. Quote Originally Posted by ngen52 View Post
    I copied the whole thing haha
    yeah there's no question about that...

  13. I'm detecting some sarcasm

  14. Quote Originally Posted by ngen52 View Post
    I'm detecting some sarcasm
    naw man, really

    you need any other help or are you GTG??

  15. Just on the nolva thread, then after that is established, I'll go from there

  16. you can pm me if needed. I typically am on the fourm during the wk tho.


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