Drew's Epistane/Trenazone Log

  1. Drew's Epistane/Trenazone Log

    So after 4 months or so of stockpiling my necessary supps. I finally was able to start this cycle today... Just want to say thanks to everyone who helped me decide on my PCT and running dosages!

    To start off I figured it would be who of me to explain my layout, since this is my first cycle ever.

    For support I will be running.
    AI Life Support:
    As recommended on bottle throughout cycle.

    Omega 3 fish body oils 1000mg (300mg omega 3):
    3 a day

    ADAM by NOW Nutrition (multi):
    3 a day

    Diablo (Thermo):
    1 a day

    ON Casein:
    1 scoop between meals (2 a day)

    ON Whey:
    1 scoop with meal (3 a day)

    MusclePharm Re-Con (post-workout):
    1 scoop post workout

    1 scoop during workout

    Creatine Mono:
    1 scoop pre and post workout (2 on lifting days, 1 on off days) 5g scoop



    Titanium XT:




    3mg daily

    If anyone sees anywhere I can improve or modify this I'm all ears, this is my first cycle so I am going on the safe side with starting low.

    Did my first day today chest and back... Was late to the gym so I barely squeezed an hour before class. Have my Paramedic ride out tomorrow so plan on a 6k run in the AM, and doing some core tomorrow evening at the gym. Will begin recording weights and reps... Currently running a 10 rep 4 set workout now.

    Weight: 185
    Height: 6'
    BF: no idea...

    Promise my next posts will be shorter.

  2. Nothing exciting today... Medic shift was 12 hours which basically ate up the whole time my gym is open. Plan on running 6k tonight to keep my cardio up.

  3. Took the day off on Sunday getting back to the gym hard Monday going to rip up arms... Not feeling too much yet but hey it's only day 3... Going to keep an eye on my already high BP.

  4. Epi is one of my favorite compounds, looking forward to see your results this is a stack I've been considering just different dosing. Get some extra hawthorne berry or celery seed for the blood blood pressure and watch your stim intake, you should be fine. And good luck with the paramedic schooling, I just finished up EMTb last year, haven't felt the urge to go any higher yet.
    R.I.P 343*

  5. Thanks for the support!
    Just did arms today, as expected have not felt a whole lot yet, waiting for week 2 or 3...
    Work out went kinda like this:
    Standard dB curl: 40lbs
    Barbell Skull Crusher: 70lbs
    Double Flys: 20lbs (1 rep= 1 front + 1 lat)
    Hammer Curl dB: 40lbs
    Tricep Kickback: 25lbs
    Scarecrow: 25lbs
    Biceps cable with rope attach: 110lbs
    Tricep cable with rope attach: 110lbs
    Circular Shrugs: 80lbs

    Plan on hitting chest tomorrow morning.

    Do you think I should drop the thermogenics or what?

  6. Alrighty ****ty morning seems my iPod and headphones (350$ all together) were stolen yesterday... So gym was short as I was trying to locate them all morning... On a high note I was able to crank out a few extra reps today... Might just be natural still but will be increasing some weights next week!

  7. If blood pressure is a problem I would drop them, or at least lower the dose and see if anything changes.
    R.I.P 343*

  8. Weird thing is I checked my BP yesterday and it was actually about 10mmHg lower than it normally is... Which is odd... Did core workout today no huge lifts except for dead lifts which I ran 3 sets of 5 reps at 220lbs. I need to work on my posturing for deads.

    Feeling a bit more energized when I hit the gym, and afterwards... Starting to get a little sore in some joints, ie shoulders on chest and back day, and stuff neck now after deads and planks... No other complaints though as of today!

  9. Did a weighted stair climb today and it felt like I was going to have a heart attack... Haha... Basically did a metabolic workout today... Lots of movements into lower weights and hight reps...

    Going to lock it down with legs tomorrow, rest Saturday as I work from 1130 to 7 then have a paramedic shift from 8pm-8am.

    Plan on hitting gym hard again Monday after those days off with arms...

    If anyone breezing through here has any suggestions for workout changes let me know!


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