Mdrol Epistane Bridge

  1. Mdrol Epistane Bridge

    I am 6 feet, 190lb, 34 years old. Prior cycles were Finaflex Andro, Epistane and Mdrol. About to start my bulking cycle in a week. All the support supps are taken care of and loaded for 2 weeks prior. Just wanted to get some last second opinions from people more knowledgeable than myself. Here is what I have so far.


    Clomid:82/52/52/35 (70ml 35mg/ml bottle. I have bought from he company before, so I think its good?) Dose clomid longer than 4 weeks?
    TCF-1:10ml/10/10/10 a day until gone.
    DAA:4caps(3120mg)/4/4/4 a day until gone
    Erase:1/2/2/3 a day until gone.
    Anabeta:0/0/0/0/4 a day until gone.

    I also have a bottle of Slin-Sane and NTBM Bridge. Was going to use them after PCT, what do you think?

    So, big questions are SERM dosing and have you ever seen Clomid at that mg/ml, and what to do with the SS and Bridge? Any other suggestions about cycle or PCT would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!


  2. well to start TCF1 and DAA are the same thing, so no point in taking both. Save the TCF along with the slin sane & bridge for after pct is done.

    I havent really bought clomid or nolva in a while, i stocked up 1.5yrs ago so couldnt really tell you about the bottle dosing. But 82/54/54 etc is wayyy to much. Try to do 75-50 for 2 days, then 50mg for a wk, than 25mg for 2.5 more wks. it has a long half life so dosing it high only needs to be done for a day or two.

    Start the erase day 10 of pct, run it at 2 caps ED for 45 days, which will be the whole bottle. it will hold down cortisol and estrogen. Also being on it after your serm ends will prevent any rebound gyno that comes post PCT.

    If you can get another bottle of bridge running it at a double dose is the sh!t, but is kinda costly. But bridge 2x dose, anabeta, slin sane would make for a great natty stack to keep all those new gains, just a thought.


  3. Thanks gymrat, your knowladge is appreciated. Anyone else have an opinion?

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