what cycle to do with the stuff i have laying around?

  1. what cycle to do with the stuff i have laying around?

    im ready to do another bulking cycle and i am looking for opinions on what you would stack with what and length of cycle..........

    stuff i already have:

    3 bottles 1 test transdermal
    3 bottles t4 ( 4ad trans)
    3 m1,4
    2 bottles of m4ohn

    you guys have never sent me in the wrong direction so give me some ideas.......

    thanks as always

  2. 1-8 T4
    1-6(or 8) M1,4
    would be best for bulk out of that IMHO

  3. i was thinking along those lines but have been wondering if i should kick start the cycle with m1t....

  4. You did not list M1t up there....

  5. i know i didnt list it but i was curious if it would be a good idea to buy some....

    any ideas would be great help.....



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