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    when I get them you want me to copy the results or try to scan them
    Make a copy, black out all the personal information on the copy. Then scan the copy and upload it to photobucket or some other photo hosting site and link it here.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by dirtwarrior
    some bloating (water)
    some shut down
    That's inevitable for a wet hormone though...

    My idea of sides, lethargy, high bp, prostate issues, hair loss, over oily skin and extreme acne....

    If you can gain that amount of weight and strength and feel that good doing it with only a lil water weight that's lost in a week.... That's the business...
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  3. Continuing with PCT all is well

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dirtwarrior View Post
    You got this test done after your Ment cycle?

    Everything looks close to or in range. Any info on Test, LH, FSH or E2?
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  5. This was done after. I asked my doctor for the orders for bloods. After I took my last dose within a day or 2 I got them done. I didn't ask for test, lh fsh, or e2.

  6. Going to get weight and BF tomorrow


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