CEL X-Tren and PP's 1T cycle

  1. CEL X-Tren and PP's 1T cycle

    Running 4 weeks together. 90mg of X-tren, can anyone help me out with dosing? Do I space it out, pre-workout, etc???

    PP's 1T I am taking twice daily, any info on best dosing pattern as well.


  2. Cleaning out freezer, why not?

  3. cuz oral tren is hard to come by and theres no reason to stack it.

    What else is in the freezer?? any halo or epi?? stack it with something like that.

  4. PP had 1T Tren. It was out when I bought it so I just bought the 1T and then bought the Tren seperately, that is why I am stacking them.

  5. whatever man,



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