I have been working out, hard, since I was a teenager. It's clear to me now that I have reached the end of my natural sucess and I have been seriously thinking about starting a AS regimin. I thought in the begining that it would be really simple and all I had to do was just order a bottle of pills or a vial and that was that. When I began researching I found that this subject just gets more complicated everytime I read about it. I found that there are cycles, post cycles, begginer and advanced cycles, ect.

I am really lost, I think I kinda have an understanding about this but not completely. I could read about this over and over again, and TRY to understand this but the best way to understand something is to ask someone with experience and get guidance. So I'm asking for help, if could help me or point me in the right direction that would be great.

I was looking to add some more muscle, get ripped and cut, while improving my cardio and endurance.

I'm 26 5'7 158lbs. I don't know how much body fat, I'd have to say its pretty low. I'm pretty good shape. The last check up I had said I was completely healthy.
If anyone could help guide me so that I can make a good decision I'd really appreciate it.