t- cyp cycle

  1. t- cyp cycle

    whats up guys im a 28 year old on trt ..im one a t-cyp protocal for secondary hypogonadism. my t levels are in the 700s 6 days after my once a week injection my e2 is perfect and no need for an AI.im still having alot of trouble putting on lean mass despite my perfect sex hormone levels decent diet and routine..

    my question is if i took around 300-400 mgs of t cyp a week could i see some good gains.my e2 is good so my doc wont perscribe an ai so would using clomid be ok to keep gyno from happining or would i be ok not using any a.i..

    im also wondering if i did use this for around 8-12 weeks would everything go back to normal once i went back down to my trt dose or can i risk ruining the perfect balance of my testosterone and e2 levels from the cycle thanks guys

  2. What's your idea of a "decent" diet? We'll start there homie

  3. like 3000 cals a day good amounts of fats protien and like 250 grams of carbs a day i really dont keep track anymore like i used to but when i was ocd about my diet i still didnt see much difference the more cals i eat the more fat i gain lol..

  4. trust me i have been training for over 3 years i messed up all my hormones from over training and under eating i tried restart protocals with 2 of the best docs i got good results but they never stuck so i went on trt. if i wasnt on trt i probably wouldnt consider a cycle in fear of messing up my own production .but since im on trt i figure why not if its not gonna mess with stuff like e2 after i go back to my trt dose

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