TEST E 500mg, DECA 600mg, D-BOL 50 mg...... What do you think???

  1. Question TEST E 500mg, DECA 600mg, D-BOL 50 mg...... What do you think???

    Hey guys this is my 2nd "real" cycle and wanted some EXPIERNCED feed back, so I would appreciate any posotive advice and feed back... Thanks! Im gonna be getting back in the gym after a shoulder injury and going to start my cycle in about 1-2 months after getting back in the rythem of lifting and a proper eating routine again. I plan on running it for 12 weeks with 500mg of TEST E and 600mg DECA a week, injecting twice a week say mon. and thurs. Also Im going to run D-BOL at 50mg E.D. for the first 6 weeks and .5mg of ARIMADEX E.O.D. for the full 12 weeks. I know alot of people say to run more TEST than DECA because of the shut down of teste's but I already have the gear so I cant really cut down the DECA without having left over gear and having to buy more to complete a later cycle.

  2. 1st wait longer to get back into the gym. 2nd run those long esters 14-16wks,3, get some hcg while being on for that long. what do you have for the deca sides??

  3. I have hcg that I was gonna run 1,000 IU'S E.D. for 10 days, I know people are gonna say this is really high but this is what my buddy who competes as a amature body builder recomended that alot of guys do. I am also going to run Nolvadax for 4 weeks @ 40/40/20/20mg.

  4. So I thought about my cycle for a little bit and I think Im going change my cycle and strech it to 18 weeks instead of 12 which might seem kind of long in some peoples opinions..... But my thinking is these are long esters so I can strech them out. I was gonna start with a kick start of D-BOL at 50mg e.d. for the first 6 weeks or maybe 70mg e.d. for 5 weeks but probably not as that is a little high. Also Im dropping my DECA dose to 450mg a week for 16weeks and running my TEST E. at 500mg week for 18 weeks to out weigh the DECA and also go 2 weeks longer to try and help kick start from being shut down. Any posostive thoughts or advice is welcome, thanks!

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