epi for bulking + lean out = possible?

  1. epi for bulking + lean out = possible?

    I am going to start bulking cycle with epi. i will eat like beast as i want to put on as much muscle as possible. However is there any chance how to loose some inches from my big belly while on bulking? cardio 30 min every day? adding some fat burner supp to cycle? I realy dont want to go on cutting as i realy like my hard gained mass i have put on i last 6 month, i dont want to lose any of that. only problem is belly. Is it even possible to lose any fat while eating like beast?

  2. Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.
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  3. Recomp is HARD CORE dude.

    Which is why so many people choose not to do it. It takes a lot of work, perfect dedication, and a high level of technical knowledge about your body's nutritional needs.

  4. I always tell people that want to lose fat, you need to to build some natural, lean muscle first. You can't "spot reduce" the belly. I wouldn't necessarily have "bulked" right out of the gate. Use the rest of the summer to lift hard and eat nothing but lean meat, fruit, and vegetables. Do 45-60min of cardio 3x weekly and do a weight training routine 3x weekly. Do that with a natural test booster like erase for 6 months or so (cycling on and off the erase). After that is done, bulk hard (epi would work but there are other compounds may bulk better) and up the calories to 3500 a day for 3 months. Lift heavy! Start cutting with some winny and lift lighter at high reps. Up the cardio and drop the cals to about 2700 a day. Bam-it's next summer and you have a new body. It's easier for me to bulk in the winter and cut in the summer. My good friend did that for 1 year-He was like 5'9 and 260 at the start-He went down to a cut 215. You just gotta be disciplined

  5. Chrisrob made some good points. I've always used epi to harden up. It wouldn't be my first choice with a bulk.



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