2 week ultradrol power blitz

  1. 2 week ultradrol power blitz

    guys, I apologize I havent been around here posting long. been a member a while now, just havent been keeping up to date here. lots and lots of posts at PHF and logs galore, however I will not be neglecting AM anymore. so heres the lowdown on. got my ultradrol log bottle at hand and because of the variance in everyone doing these, I decided to do mine differently as well. spoke to jake as well as the man behind the ultradrol avatar, both will be aware of this and hopefully will be popping in to see progress and say hello. my main goal here is to hit it real hard at 12mgs for 2 weeks. lessening chance for shutdown and side effects. will be starting tomorrow. will also have some REAL pure UCDA coming a few days into the cycle to guard my liver. other than that. pretty basic stuff. supplements outside the drol include:

    purus muscle marinade (pre)
    vpx powershock (intra)
    8000 mg omega 3 fish oils per day
    CEL cycle assist (throughout)
    A.I. 3Z

  2. woo hoo sounds good another type of UD log

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mixedup View Post
    woo hoo sounds good another type of UD log
    so youre in? lol thanks for coming along brah
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  4. I'll follow as well
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  5. IN!! Definitely considering getting a bottle of this stuff!

  6. awesome! great to have you bros in on this
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  7. yep i'm in i started my UD on SaT going great so far

  8. In for the 2 week blitz!
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  9. Definitely in! Did you start already? I have always been a fan of strong, quick cycles so I really want to see what Ultradrol can do at a higher dose like this, it is one of the few I think that would be perfect for this.

  10. Well guys I apologize for the lack of the update. For those following on PHF know I had one hell of a night AND day leading up to now. Girlfriend and I were fighting pretty well out of control over stupid stuff and needless to say we packed her stuff up today and moved her out. I made it to the gym but within the chaos I didn't get to keep track of my lifts. Again, sorry to start it out so rough but it was a pain in my ass. Tomorrow ill get it tracked and going for you all. Did get all 3 pills in today though so were ahead there!

  11. lets try this again.....

    DAY 2 (since day one was wasted)

    dose: 12mg per day

    weight: 192lbs

    hammer strength incline press: 10/180, 10/200, 10/220, 10/230
    decline bench press (no bar weight added): 10/160, 10/180, 10/190, 10/190
    weighted parallel bar dips: 10/25, 10/35, 10/45, 10/45
    wide machine flyes: 10/130, 10/140, 10/150, 10/150
    incline pushups (waist height smith bar) fail/0, fail/0

    well now that we can officially get this shat tumbling.. this is my chest day. used to incorporate triceps in with it before I told myself, "YOURE DOING TOO MUCH ON A DAY YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR CHEST GROW!" so I went with that idea and just do strict chest because its lagging behind compared to my back and legs. You will also notice there is NO flat movements on here. that is again how I personally designed my routine for me because my mid chest is good. its the lower and upper that need the fill. I just recently added the incline pushups on a stationary smith machine bar as a finishing move becuase it burns your chest UP. alot of people give me the odd eyes when I do it but they dont know the pump and I bet they start doing it REAL soon. anyways, as far as how I felt, cant say its anything out of the ordinary. I guess I was somewhat meaner but WILL NOT CONSTITUTE THAT TO DAY 2 OF ULTRADROL. I will however blame it on me getting written up for calling into work yesterday and this whole girlfriend situation. that can make me pretty wild. also to make a note, I am taking Purus Muscle Marinade preworkout (because its the best pre-w.o. ever) and VPX powershock during my workout. sick combo that makes normal pumps that deflate a thing of the past. not too impressed with VPX anymore but they did alright with this one. all the stats are above. thats where im sitting by now. if I were to come out of this with a solid 6 or 7 lbs in 2 weeks with no lethargy and a dick that doesnt work, I can call that a WIN! anyways kiddies. stay tuned. tomorrow is leg day and thats where I really get to shine and make all the little guys AND big guys at the gym swarm the leg press when I hop on.
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  12. As always solid log so far. On future posts can you put a (+ lbs) next to your weight so we can see how much you are up in that given time? Definitely watching, congrats man!

  13. sorry to hear about the ex but its good to see you could hit the gym and blow off some steam

  14. DAY 4. 5. AND 6.

    weight: (4-6) 195 lbs

    dose: 12 mg

    holy shiite. ive been back pedalling trying to get online but my internet has been down for a GRIP! finally got it back up and running today. not about to upload all this info on my phone so here we go. lots to tell you all... heres the data

    DAY 4

    took it off. had some other pressing matters to attend to and didnt get in there like I wanted to. however.. I really needed to point this out. Ive been waking up in the morning and seeing ALOT more definition in the mirror. like nothing ive ever seen before. really hard to explain because even fat burners with diuretics cant pull this off with me... keep reading...

    DAY 5

    went in for a shoulder and triceps workout. here it is.

    seated military press (no bar weight added) 10/90, 10/110, 10/120, 10/120
    seated dumbbell side raises 10/25, 10/30, 10/35, 10/35
    rear delt cable crossover 10/15, 10/20, 10/25, 10/25
    close grip bench (no bar weight added) 10/110, 10/130, 10/150, 10/160
    machine overhead extension 10/190, 10/205, 10/220, 10/235
    dumbbell kickback 20/30, 20/35, 20/40, 20/40

    caught up to present now... heres where everything changed... like I said earlier, I keep waking up leaner and more vascular. at this rate im not expecting to GAIN much weight, instead its turned into what looks like a super lean recomp and thats NOT simple for me being as I have Polish genetics.im thick skinned for life. so when I left for the gym this morning, everything changed. my whole mentality is going to be based upon the PUMP and the REPS. restart program and knock the number of reps up to 20 with a comfortable amount of weight that causes near failure at 20. did not have paper with me to write weight down but can recall all the exercises performed.

    hammer strength incline press
    decline bench press
    parallel bar dips (leaned extremely far forward)
    machine flyes
    dummbell curl
    machine preacher curls
    dumbbell hammer curls

    thats about it. extremely rock hard pump today. couldnt believe how ridiculous I looked. for the people I have on facebook, you saw the new profile pic. yowza! haha this is a good time.
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  15. Dude, I know that feeling of the insane pump on high reps. Hell, if it works for you, go w/ it!!

  16. I am failing at updating this log. its been nuts lately. traded in the car for something more practical. high HP rear wheel drive and winter coming doesnt work in Iowa. also many other things going haywire but anyhow im just keeping this thread alive to make sure everyone doesnt think the ultradrol has killed me. still doing great, still getting leaner.
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by owenz View Post
    I am failing at updating this log. its been nuts lately. traded in the car for something more practical. high HP rear wheel drive and winter coming doesnt work in Iowa. also many other things going haywire but anyhow im just keeping this thread alive to make sure everyone doesnt think the ultradrol has killed me. still doing great, still getting leaner.
    How did you end up liking the Ultradrol?

  18. hope hes still alive lol this was an interesting idea
    Always willing to learn :D

  19. gentlemen! holy shiite. I forgot to update over here! my PHF log was fufilled and completed and I left AM hanging. everything turned out stellar. had a SOLID recomp effect. cut up and defined some areas that were never clear before. kind of like muddy water being cleaned. could see ALOT more definition. looking forward to running this the full month as my aggression was really picking up and I thought I was going to have to put a sneaker in someones ass at the gym at the time.. lol
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