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    Hi all, figured id share my experience i am about to embark on with the rest of the community. For those who dont know Methadrol extreme is a superdrol clone, stacked with two other pro anabolics. For details simply google methadrol extreme and all ingredients will be listed.

    Some stats about myself are i am only 21 years of age(brothers account) was hovering at 188 lbs at 11.5% bf 6ft tall. Ive begun this cycle 6 days ago however and so my weight has gone up as expected. with also having done two previous prohormone cycles of a product that was called decabolen(which was the original halodrol superdrol and pheraplex) back in the day.

    SOOOOOOOOOO. Lets get down to it. i have been taking pictures before etc and will take throughout the cycle however i cannot post untill i reach a few more posts. (SO HELP ME GET THERE!!)

    Today is day 6 as i stated before. i am taking 2 caps a day 1 am 1 pm with 2 caps of liver fix am/pm and a multivitimin am traded for 3 zma caps pm.

    My current weight is 194 lbs which is obviously all water weight(no one can gain 5lbs of muscle in a week) My lifts have skyrocketed however going from 115 lb dumbells on flatbench for 6-7 to 120s for 5-6. deadlift from 315 for 6 to 315 for 8. Also intensity and urge to stay in the gym is up. trying my best to keep myself from overtraining which is a habbit of mine.

    Diet is clean for the most part. usually goes like this

    meal 1)Breakfast 5 eggwhites 3 whole eggs and a half cup oatmeal on the side- some ketchup on the eggs
    meal 2) chicken breast grilled with barbecue sauce ( **** you i know) and wheat pasta - unspecified amount
    meal 3) repeat meal 2 ( i cook in bulk)
    meal 4 post workout - 1 and a half scoops of golds standard whey -40g, and a bannana some times if they are around
    meal 5 repeat meals 2 and 3 or whatever moms got cookin
    meal 6 protein shake in water
    meal 7 protein shake in milk ( before bed 30-45min after i take my night time supps to let zma absorb)

    so yeah, give or take that is my diet however i do intend to endulge in mcdonalds or whatever throughout cycle perhaps 1-2x a week when in a hurry. the new george forman grill that just came in is a wonder though, and so its helped a tremendous amount with my meals.

    Ill keep you all posted if i gather positive feedback or if anyones intirested.

  2. Sweet lets get this going.

  3. sounds good I wondered about this one before I went with ultradrol if it goes good for you might pick up a bottle.

  4. Not familiar with ultradrol but then again its hard keeping up with all the new drols and clones the labs come out with each week Also for those of you wondering my training schedule is back to the basics. After donig many different splits through the years im going back to what makes most sense to me

    back biceps
    chest triceps

    however tbh id be lying if i told you ive taken an off day recently.... too much free time =/

  5. just did some quick research on ultradrol. seems like some potent stuff. The "no conversion to estrogen" caught my eye. Will be following your log as well.

  6. so today is saturday- day 7 Up about 5-6 pounds still. Pump yesterday was sicknasty. Noticed pumps through the roof since day 3 actually. Starting to get looks at the gym from a few buddies. Im sure, in another week or two those looks will turn into comments/questions haha. Today is an off day ( stuck at work all day till gym closes ftl) but a much needed one at that. feel slightly overtrained and so might take off sunday as well or not depending if im up to it. So thats all for now i guess. 7 days in, crazy pumps, 5 pounds up. keep whoevers intirested posted!

  7. so today is tuesday 1 am and the beginnings of day 10. i am up another 2 pounds. weighed in at 196.4 today. so thats a total of 8 lbs in ten days! Although i am aware it is mainly water weight i cant help but feel i am adding a significant amount of "bad weight" lol. hit up shogun and stuffed my face with steak nd garlic shrimp tonight oh yes! anyways pumps are still crazy, hit biceps and back today with no real weight increases, but my gym stamina is up at least double. endlessly doing sets until failure and still ready to do another after a quick rest. Finally got the question from my buddy who works behind the counter at the golds gym i go to. " ur on something again arent u" haha always nice to hear. I do intend to cut down after this cycle, i hope im not going to make it too dificult to acheive that task later on. i think i am currently somewhere around 12% bf however when my calipers come in a couple days i will know for sure. so day 10 and up 8 pounds. with slight strength increases.

    The one thing i have noticed on metha drol is the pumps are just crazy. Way more crazy then i had on tren e or test. gonna keep eating like an animal and hitting it hard.
    peace bross

  8. Looks like a good cycle! good luck

  9. sorry for whoever is following that i havent been on in a couple days. basically yesterday was chest and triceps and my dumbell bench reps went from 120s for 5-6 to 120s for 8 with nearly perfect form. i moved up in reps in nearly everything i did as well. However i definitely feel the strength gains kicking in. my weight is still the same (actually a pound less then two days ago.) so still up about 7 pounds. probably just because i worked out earlier then i usually do. today was an off day, ****ing horrid diet today as well. with my girlfriends fam and didnt want to be the stiffler packing his lunches to go to the beach. so i was forced to eat 3 meals of ****ty hot dogs and just ur typical retarted american diet. ( i was angry on the inside starving waiting to get home just to down a shake haha) In any event, i am home now had my shake and picked up three mc doubles to sooth my growling malnourished belly and will probably have my shake with milk in a couple hrs before i dead out to try to salvage the day. so thats all for day 12.

    Also i need like 9 more posts and then this will become a picture log, i always enjoy viewing peoples gains better then just reading about their success stories

  10. Quote Originally Posted by cardiobro View Post
    Also i need like 9 more posts and then this will become a picture log, i always enjoy viewing peoples gains better then just reading about their success stories
    Very much agree! Darn that 50 posts rule

  11. following

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    RecoverBro ELITE

  13. day 13 today going to destroy legs after work, and perhaps hit shoulders if my body permits. ill post my weight and how it all went later. i counted my pills and will be on for another 19 days. plus i expect to get gains for the last week i get off as expected with anything. debating on pct. I have nolva and arimidex hangin out, however i have never had gyno symptoms or sensitivity, also im not sure if im going to get on this stuff again in four weeks or not so hopefully i will sort out a proper pct and keep u all informed on my plans. Looks like most people who ran this stuff used clomid at 50/50/50/50 or 100/down/50/50 etc, seems like a bit much but i guess we all react differently. Its just nice to know i do have a serm as backup!

  14. destroyed legs, reps all went up biceps i moved up in weight and reps still hovering at 7lbs up. definitely looking a bit fuller though. So my fat calipers came and im actually somewhere around 14-15% bf. ( yuck) got a feeling ill be going on a cutter after this cycle perhaps furuzadrol or some sort and go on an oats/whey diet for a month. anyways. enjoying the bulkage while i can!

  15. Get big and then cut some of the excess fat away! That's my current plan

  16. so im nearly halfway through my pills and i dont know whats happening. Perhaps im sick or i dont know what but i just feel nautious all day and am forcing myself to eat. my weight is at 192 which means i dropped 2 lbs in the past couple days. hopefully i kick this bug soon. also i intend on going back to jack3d for preworkout. Been using this anarchy x **** and its ****ing god aweful, that in itself makes me nautious and tired post workouts. Anyways hopefully i kick this bug and stop being a bitch. going to hit chest and triceps today hopefully destroy and keep moving up in strength at least.

    On a side note, i broke my bf calipers accidentaly just holding them in my hand. cheap ass plastic haha.

    ALSO---- first cycle my libido has actually dropped. on any test with tren or just test cycles my libido was way up. I would be banging the gf 5x a day untill she couldnt anymore. Even not on a cycle im a horny bastard. She actually is releived that her stuff can get a rest so maybe its for the best. Might be going into too much depth but i can still get it up whenever and do the deed but the desire just isnt there all the time. Not realy a problem just figured id share for people who are already suffering from libido issues ( old guys )

  17. so i counted my pills and after today ill have 30 left so just about halfway through. however will still be getting gains for about a week after so about 3 weeks of gains ahead. Current weight is 194 today however it is still early. ive been waking up at about 191 192 and going to bed around 197. whereas before cycle i was waking up at around 186 and going to bed 189 191. so its a toss up about how much ive gained so far. One thing i can say is my weights are skyrocketing. energy, stamina, pumps, all insane. I think im getting over that bug too. So halfway through, and 3 weeks left to put on some serious weight. up about 5-7 pounds i guess after 2 weeks. Which again is really about a week and a couple days counting out the first few it takes to kick in. hopefully i can do this stuff justice and at least double, hopefully triple these poundages before all is said and done. As i promised pics before/durring this cycle will be up later tonight.

    Due to the hurricane wrecking the east coast i may or may not be able to acess the internet for a couple days, but rest assured ill go outside and bench the fallen tree limbs rather then not make it to the gym!

  18. PIcTURE TIMEEEEEEEEE ok so these are pics of me as promised, tried to get the same pose in similar lighting digging through all the pics i have through the last years. first one is me at 188 lbs fresh off tren/test cycle, second one is me at 188 lbs still with more bodyfat about 2 months later, and the next one is my current pic at 195. Its actually surprising to me at least the difference in size now vs then. Also im not fresh off a workout or pumped up at all in the last pic, i might have been in the first two.

    i had a friend make this silly montage of my bodybuilding growth since i started lifting four years ago. so it shows u all the different phases ive gone through if anyones intirested. i was as little as 119 and as big as 210 at one point hehe

    current one is red face

  19. ok first is fresh of cycle 4 months ago, second is about 1 month ago and last is current leme know what u guys think. preciate it

  20. Damn son looking huge! Keep them gains coming

  21. hey all, so i havent been able to get on in a couple days or hit the gym for that matter due to hurricane IRENE. Will be going to a different gym today because mine is still out of power( as i am) and the scale will be different. Going to murder back and biceps, feel well rested, got a forearm pump from wringing out my beater in the sink hahaha. My diets been mostly colds oats and protein with water and tuna sandwitches with no power and such so i doubt my weight has gone up much in the past few. Keep u all posted when my power gets back on( i am at work now)

  22. Powers back on! 11 days left guys, im up at 196 right now, however am looking much much much leaner. Been living off oats and whey between meals of substance while the power was out. today is the first day with a working fridge. very happy with this stuff as of now. will keep you all posted with anything new
  23. 12 days left!!!!

    OK. So guys sorry for the delay. For those following. Today was an insane day. Im up to 198 after 4 meals. Trained arms today breaking my routine because my gym was closed and had to use an alternate place.( They dont have heavy enough dbs to bench and no barbells). heres a pic about 30 min after getting home in the same pose. i hope the next couple weeks keep up like this THIS IS MADNESS.Name:  one and a half weeks left.JPG
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  24. What kind of gym doesn't have barbells??


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